Nintendo Switch Price Rumoured Between £200-£250

LetsPlayVideoGames ran a report this morning in which they claim to have two solid sources confirming the Nintendo Switch release price.

The console is rumoured to launch at £200 for a base model and £250 for a premium version. £200 for a release price sounds incredibly decent to me, and paying the extra £50 for more internal storage and a thrown in game is an extra splurge i’d be happy with. Speculation surrounding the elusive packed in game has centred itself on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 


This all comes from UK retailer GAME’s projected pricing when the console arrives in 2017. Sitting nicely at the lower end of competitors Xbox One and PS4 entry prices, the Switch’s price tag has brought it further onto my bank balance’s radar. Having not yet taken the PSVR plunge or the PS4 Pro step, it might be time for me to return to Nintendo and see what they can muster one last time.

These projected prices are exclusive to one UK retailer, however Nintendo have previously been vocal around their aims to bring international prices close to each individual value. This means that US prices are likely to sit at $250-$300.


This is all speculation, and so far speculation has been pretty off for the Switch console. It wouldn’t surprise me that Nintendo are looking to break into a lower price tag, after the Wii U debacle a business turn around has been evident in Switch’s development. Claiming back that younger player base (the ones who don’t remember the glory days) is going to be hard, and a Saturday job-friendly price tag will certainly help.




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