Apparently Gamers Get More Sex

In a study recently completed by a UK money saving site has apparently found that male gamers get more sex than their otherwise leisure-employed counterparts.

As part of ongoing research into stereotypes and their place in society, the company launched an investigation into the sex lives of 18+ heterosexual females in the UK and their partners. It does have to be said that a bias already excludes us gamers who haven’t yet ventured into the outside to find that ‘love’ mission, so the results only reflect those who have already aced such a side-quest, but nevertheless it’s good to know some of us are getting some action.


2,357 women were given a list of groups and asked to identify their boyfriend out of the given selections. 17% selected gamer out of the list. While this is a low proportion considering the rest of the categories, that 17% get it more than the others on average. Gamers apparently resign themselves to the bedroom at least 6 times a week, compared with the next category down ‘hipster’ (lol) that apparently only leave their coffee shops for some organic bedroom fun 4 times a week.

While problematic in its methods, at least male gamers can say they’re the most sexually active male group in the UK.


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