Uncharted 4: Survival – Everything You Need To Know

With today’s release of the Bounty Hunters multiplayer DLC, Naughty Dog have also released information surrounding their next Uncharted 4 multiplayer update.

Survival will become publicly available mid-December, however is up for demo at the PlayStation Experience next week. Available both in cooperative and solo mode, Survival is a wave-based challenge that pits you against hordes of increasingly difficult enemies with unique and varying objectives thrown into the mix. The cooperative mode takes up to three players in total, with gameplay elements from the Co-Op Arena of Uncharted 2 and laying the foundations for Survival. 

The storyline is in keeping with the spirit of Uncharted 4, a handful of the Founders of Libertalia are hunting you down and showing themselves in conveniently arranged waves ranked in terms of level of power. 50 waves await you, set across the landscapes of ten maps. With every 10 levels presenting a boss battle, you and your mates will need to keep your wits about you in order to progress through Survival’s own ranking and achievement system. This self-contained progression system rewards ranking up with weapon boosts, rare items, and exclusives. Enemies match this progression system, taking your firepower into account. While this may turn some off, this mechanic creates a level playing field across all squads with their eyes on the leader board.


The aforementioned objectives are imperative to your progression up to higher levels. These objectives require you to defend a particular area, work within a time limit, or pay special attention to marked enemies. Completion of these objectives will earn you in-game currency which can be spent on the weapon upgrades necessary for completion of the mode.

The PlayStation Experience takes place December 3-4.


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