Where To Grab The NES Classic On Black Friday

The NES Classic console is the Christmas must-have of 2016 apparently. It was a nightmare to find on release date, so consider how elusive that little grey box is going to be on black friday. That being said, a number of US retailers are expecting new shipments of the console just in time for the shopping event of the year so if you’re on the look out for the throwback of the season, keep this list close to your heart Friday morning.

Stock has been trickling into retailers over the past week, and has immediately been selling out. Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Gamestop have been known to have stock on the shelves for a short time before it’s snatched up by eagle eyed shoppers. It’s difficult to consider that these retailers are shifting all their stock before Black Friday, meaning there’s probably a stack of console under lock and key in the back.


Nintendo has been keen to get units out onto shelves, and Black Friday will surely be a ramped up effort. All is not lost therefore, there’s still time to get your hands on 2016’s ode to nostalgia in time for the holiday season, and Black Friday is possibly your most likely bet. If your friends and family love you enough, send someone to each retailer to have the best chance at securing one of these boxes. It’s likely shelves will see an unprecedented amount of stock on the day, so they may not be as difficult to hold onto as we think.


When the now-10-year-old Nintendo Wii was experiencing shortages, major shipments went out before Black Friday, which is the reason many lucky players were able to get their hands on one for that first Christmas. The NES Classic looks like it may be following in the Wii’s footsteps, so don’t get left behind. In the meantime, you can qualm those nostalgic itches with Nintendo’s release of every NES game manual to be featured on the system.


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