FireFan Wants To Change The Way You Watch Sports

The live interactive global sports app as been bubbling away these last few months gearing up for a November launch. Well that launch day came just in time for Thanksgiving this year, and developers United Games are expected to break records with their sports companion FireFan. 

FireFan is quick to distinguish itself from Fantasy Sports apps, it’s rather a live accompaniment to the events you’re watching. Static pre-game predictions are a thing of the past, with FireFan approaching fan engagement from a far more dynamic standpoint in the form of live player scores and rankings unfolding before your very eyes during the game. Pre-Game Mode allows for predictions to be made before the action starts, featuring winning team predictions accompanied by odds, combined scores, multiple choice guesses, penalties, and player specific predictions. Live Game Mode however is there for you during the action, offering similar predictions throughout gameplay and even bigger score rewards.


The free to play application rewards participation through Loyalty Points, and after certain levels players are rewarded with team merchandise. So far, FireFan has launched with NFL as its first playable experience, with NBA coming up in the next few weeks. From there soccer, cricket, NHL, rugby, baseball, and more soccer are on the table as their seasons come to light.

Aside from your active play, the app also implements a Live Chat feature which sees player info and fan updates available via a constant live stream of comments and messages. Similarly, the MVP section sees hundreds of former pro athletes and celebrities celebrating each event allowing players to follow their heroes and participate in the same games.


FireFan is available now on the App Store and is in its beta stages. That hasn’t stopped it from reaching the top trending spot just hours after release on iOS. It’s had its first steps, and the stumbles that inevitably come from that, however in the past hours everything’s been on the up and FireFan looks set to break records and become a long-standing sports companion for many. A promo code on first time log-in is required for in-game perks and rewards. If you find yourself without one, simply type ‘Scoreboard’ to receive free tokens for use in live games. In the coming weeks, FireFan will also include a ‘freemium’ mode which allows users to view adverts etc. to earn themselves such tokens.

Stay updated with the developments by following @FireFanSports on Twitter.


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