Your PS Plus Free Games For December 2016

There’s nothing like unwrapping a spanking new game on Christmas day, well maybe apart from downloading some spanking new games three weeks before the holiday climax.

PlayStation have you sorted for sneaking off to boot up your system in avoidance of those pesky relatives that always seem to emerge this time of year. From devastating decision branches in Stories: The Path of Destinies to stealthy rogue action in Invisible Inc. your PS4 will be boosted with hours of varied entertainment.


If you’re looking for something a bit more action-packed, the blood thrashing Hyper Void can fill that need with some third person space shooting. Unlike our next two treats, Hyper Void will not be available on cross play to PS4.


However Tiny Troopers Joint Ops will be. The PS3 classic sees arcade-esque shooting in a cartoonish military environment. Cross play it over to PS4 and PS Vita to truly make that subscription count.


Similarly, the idiosyncratic side-scrolling bonanza that is Color Guardians is primarily available free on PS Vita this month, with PS4 cross play available.


VVVVVV meanwhile will only be available on PS Vita. The puzzle game strips gameplay back to abstraction and brings some good old Adobe flash action to the PlayStation.

vvvvvv logo official.jpg


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