PSX 2016 Keynote: The Announcements You Need To Know About


I’m going to say it, last night’s PlayStation Experience keynote was one of the best yet. Not only did we get a look at some sequels we all knew were coming but we finally got more out of those games we were promised at E3 but haven’t yet emerged in the press. Without further ado, let’s get into the biggest titles you need to have memorised for when someone asks you what this whole thing was about.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


Confusion filled the forums when the first mystery trailer of the night ended. Is it a DLC? Is it a standalone title? It turns out it’s both. In a Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon-esque twist, the adventure that will see Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross fighting their way through the mountains of India is a massive DLC option included in the season pass, while also being offered as a title in itself. There’s no Nathan Drake in sight (those who haven’t played Uncharted 4 yet, work it out for yourself) so it’s a major shift away from the hero we’ve all come to fall hopelessly in love with. Naughty Dog are at the helm, so nobody’s messing with our favourite franchise (we’re very happy about that), and The Lost Legacy comes as just one in a list of great things to come from the studio next year, more on that later.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite


We saw Mega Man X and Ryu taking on Iron Man and Captain Marvel in a gameplay trailer of the new Marvel vs Capcom title Infinite. It’s been a long time coming for fans of the crossover fighting franchise, but we were all expecting a new release in this field after both companies have seen massive expansion in the eSports arena this year. It looks like we’ve got 2v2 battles as opposed to the traditional 3v3, but that doesn’t mean a reduced roster. On top of that we’ve got teammate attack combos, wall bounces, and the allure of the Infinity Stone, a new aspect of gameplay we’ll hopefully hear more about prior to launch. If you can’t wait for the game’s 2017 release, PlayStation also announced that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is now available on PS4.

Destiny: The Dawning


Throughout Destiny: The Dawning’s trailer we were all left shouting “Destiny!”, “Not Destiny?” repeatedly at the screen. I’m not going to lie, the Sparrow Racing threw me a bit and that’s my bad. Nevertheless, the new DLC for one of PlayStation’s biggest shooters is bringing the air races back to the game alongside some interesting new features. Strike scoring is perhaps the largest, brining medals and multipliers to Strike gameplay. The Icebreaker is also back in all its “too-powerful” glory. We’re also treated to all new quests and cosmetic elements when The Dawning hits.

Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy


I was unfortunately at a very sophisticated Christmas music event when I was surreptitiously watching the PlayStation Experience stream on my phone. I had to therefore contain my Crash Bandicoot excitement until a moment of applause, when i could fully scream my heart out in what must have looked like an incredibly enthusiastic appreciation for Silent Night. The game looks phenomenal, like a completely new experience rooted in memories we all have. When faced with such nostalgia in all its PS4 glory however, it feels like a strange uncanny de ja vu, we recognise the gameplay and yet it’s so far removed from anything we ever thought Crash could look like. Slick visuals, full colour and some beautiful rendering have created the ultimate Crash experience, and one we are incredibly excited to grab on day one.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard


We’ve been incredibly interested in the way Resident Evil VII looks set to bring survival horror back to its roots on its January release. So learning that another playable demo is now available on all PlayStation platforms right now was a nice surprise. Tape 3 takes players back into the nightmarish home of the Baker family proves us right in this field. With a specific look at the inventory system and the earth roots blood curdling horror that awaits us next year, the teaser trailer for the experience left crowds roaring with applause last night.

The Last Guardian


We were treated to a new gameplay trailer for the much anticipated The Last Guardian due for release this month. The trailer took viewers outside the majestic castle we’ve been rewatching repeatedly over the last few weeks and into the wider world of the game. The full title will be available Tuesday 6th December, so it’s not long to wait now, but this little video top up was all we needed to see us through to Day One.

PaRappa The Rapper

PS4 remasters seem to be a dime a dozen this year, with PaRappa The Rapper stealing one of its own. Receiving not only a boost under the hood the often forgotten title will also be souped up for PS4 Pro and 4K. We also learned that a demo is now available via the PlayStation Store in celebration of the game’s 20th birthday.



We all remember Knack. Some more fondly than others. I for one enjoyed adventuring the universe with my little robot-rock buddy, and when that co-op character was so classically revealed in the PlayStation Experience sequel trailer I managed to hide a wry smile. Japan Studio is bringing Knack 2 to PS4 next year it seems, with aforementioned co-op capabilities and, from what we can see, a whole host of new challenges.

Gran Turismo Sport


I still remember watching my sister play Gran Turismo 4 on PS2 while she consistently rammed the side of the track. It’s ironic now that she drives and I am yet to pick up a license, but at least I can still hold onto my superior simulation driving skills. So you can bet i’m excited for Gran Turismo Sport to hit, and last night yielded an updated look at the unbelievably photorealistic graphics of the racer as well as more information on some exciting PS VR compatibility.

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom


Sony announced that a Ni No Kuni sequel is due for release in 2017 and we got an extra long look at the gameplay and worlds up for grabs. Follow young king Evan through a kingdom blighted by darkness in this RPG hall of fame franchise. Development is underway by Level-5, however unlike the first game Studio Ghibli is surprisingly absent from the proceedings.



After a ‘lightning round’ of a selection of new titles, Pyre seems to catch the eyes of most attendees. The game was heralded at its announcement earlier in the year for its unique blend of light-hearted RPG and competitive action elements all set in a mystical purgatory. PlayStation Experience however answered one question that still resounded throughout the forums – will it have multiplayer. And the answer is yes. The multiplayer trailer on display introduced punters to the competitive features of the upcoming title. A one on one versus mode was showcased, pitting players head to head in RPG mayhem.

Let It Die


Let It Die was released at this year’s proceedings. The action survival title from Grasshopper and Gung Ho looks like a bizarre Grim Fandango distant relative. A punky vibe permeates the trailer and honestly the most exciting parts of this release is its reaction to death. Every time you’re overcome, and that will be a lot, your data is uploaded and entered into other players’ games as an enemy. It looks difficult, but it’s available now, and for free so you’ve got very little to lose – apart from your mind, patience, and time.

Lara Croft Go


This one confused me. Lara Croft somehow managed to slip out of her Microsoft cage and leap over to the the Anaheim Convention Centre to appear on Sony’s stage in her own PlayStation animated title. The mobile game first arrived on iOS and Android last year, and a console port has long been in discussion, however its actual arrival was a slight shock this year. PS4 and PS Vita will feature the new title, with a PlayStation specific bonus expansion called “Mirror Of The Spirits”.



Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have partnered to bring us this exhilarating trailer for the upcoming PS4 exclusive action title. It looks like a gruelling slog through demon filled boss battles, but what more could you want. From the trailer the game looks gorgeous. Nioh will be available February 7th / 8th for PS4.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


I’ve been waiting for a bit of Horizon action all show, so a new trailer was just the ticket. We finally got some more information on the lore and storyline of this beautiful world, and the amazing protagonist we can’t wait to get behind. More enemies (or friends) are on show, and we get an in depth look at just how these mech beasts interact with the world around them, and us.

The Last Of Us 2


They’ve been saving the best until last (of us). We’ve all waited for it, hoping the rumours were true and making our own wild speculations about the state of Ellie after the tear jerking events of the original Naughty Dog master piece, and now it’s here to round off the PlayStation Experience 2016. Both Ellie and Joel return, albeit slightly older. For Ellie that means a teenage revolution – tattoos and folk singing signal a quiet angst brewing a desire for revenge while Joel is seen sneaking in here and there. The trailer marks a final confirmation that the project is underway, though it’s still early days in development. Fans can sleep easy knowing they’re getting the chance to re-enter Naughty Dog’s amazing world of triumph and despair at some point.




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