Watch Two Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Stages NOW!

One of PlayStation Experience’s most talked about reveals was the new trailers and information for Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy. Fans were already excited about Crash’s cameo in Uncharted 4so imagine the reaction when our furry buddy stepped onto the screen on Saturday. Much anticipated, and awaited by millions of  old school PlayStation fans across the world, Crash Bandicoot will grace our consoles once again in a three part remaster of Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Crash Bandicoot Warped. 

When we say remaster, we mean it on its grandest scale. The trilogy has been reconstruction from the ground up to yield gorgeously rendered visuals, widescreen extension, gameplay alterations and improvements, extra animation sequences, improved visual details and modernised aesthetic. In the video available below, Crash execs from Vicarious Visions and Activision talk through some of these new elements after we get a look at the two stages featured in the playthroughs of the event.

The time trial feature has been massively overhauled for the new release, now implemented across every stage and mission, the gameplay footage is quick to show us these glorious yellow boxes in all their polygon magic.

Similarly, we’re treated to two bonus levels (the second of which looks teeth grindingly difficult). In their short explanation of the footage, the speakers divulge that the studio paid close attention to these bonus levels that have come to represent the Crash platforming series. Making it easier to get into and replay these bonus rounds will be incredibly useful for all the 100%-ers out there, though it may detract from the excitement we all felt when we managed to unlock a particularly elusive one.


There are some extra subtle details that go on to display the full amount of care and attention that has been paid to this much loved franchise. When players are chastised for missing boxes at the end of a level, Crash receives some brand new animations that see him crumple under the weight of your failure in true comic fashion.


Meanwhile smaller graphical elements quickly help provide further conceptualisation of the gameplay itself – wumpa fruit can be seen stored in certain crates that previously were simply brown strips. We’re shown an adorable turtle animation that tops off the lighthearted aesthetic present throughout the franchise, and instructed to pay attention to the mechanical detail on the machinery levels which has been painstakingly rendered.


Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy brings all the old voice actors back for the revival, with the whole audio track being completely rejuvenated with new recordings and more variation between samples. Controls and checkpoint systems have also been revitalised to allow for modern gamepads and save systems.

The remaster / remake / gift from God is due for release in 2017, with some early guessers punting at a Q1 release date possibly as early as February. For now, feel free to reminisce with the good old days of Crash, including the cut-scenes that never made it to the final original game. Pre-orders are open for the title with price guarantees so we recommend you get on it and so you can spin, jump, and smash through that day one gameplay. We’ll be right there on day one, celebrating all things Crash with our giant stuffed figure and a dusty copy of Crash Bash while we download.

You can check out Crash’s trailer in our mega-mash of everything PlayStation Experience 2016 had to offer here:





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