God Of War Devs “Pushing Like Crazy” For Deadline

It seems strange that God Of War has had muted post-E3 dealings. Bizarrely silent at PlayStation Experience, and going without mention at The Game Awards, the father and son duo have kept themselves to themselves in the months after their massive reveal.

It is crunch time however, and you can forgive developers SIE Santa Monica for focusing their efforts on the actual product around this time of expos and reveals. That’s not to say we’ve had no contact with the studio, as Director Cory Barlog took to Twitter recently to attempt to curb some fan concerns.


Amongst a lot of reassurances that the silence from the studio was simply a by-product of a massive work effort to meet a deadline, and that information would come available as soon as Barlog was able to make it so, we received a few snippets. It seems that Kratos and his son will be together for most of the campaign, which doesn’t come as a surprise considering the game’s newfound emotional focus. Aside from this, however, little was answered in Barlog’s Twitter Q/A however we can take something from the studio’s work effort.


We know there’s no multiplayer mode, and that a recent staff increase is pushing productivity up. With this boost, some outlets are predicting a December 2017 release date, however the studio itself has not even stated a release window yet. However, with an obviously large deadline on the horizon, it’s not unlikely that we’ll see more in the coming months. Either way, it’s comforting to hear that the project cogs are still well oiled and constantly in motion.



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