Firewatch Physical Copies: Jump In Quick Before They Sell Out Again

Limited Run Games opened the virtual doors on their stock of physical Firewatch titles earlier today, only for the allotted amount to be sold within minutes. All is not lost however, as (at time of writing) there are still around 1,200 copies in the warehouse.

This second load will go live at 6pm Eastern Time today, that’s 11pm GMT. Limited Run Games originally held 4,800 copies of the game, so with that first 3,600 being snatched up so quickly, you’re going to want to bring your A game to this shopping basket battle.


If you happen to lose out a second time, the new year will bring you further fortune. Campos Santos are taking on the remaining 2,500 copies left after Limited Run have sold their stock and will afford the public one last chance to own one on 16th January.


The hard copy also comes with a full size fold out park map replica reminiscent of the GTA map days. 2016 has been a whirlwind year for Campos Santos, with their adventure walking simulator title taking on The Game Awards, an advertising dispute with Ford, and talk of a movie adaptation.

Head over to the Limited Run Games stock page for the title to get yourself ready for round 2.



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