Musings’ Best Indie Games of 2016

We love a good indie over here at Musings, and we love nothing more than sharing our top titles with you lot. So without further ado, here is a list of the top 5 Indie titles that kept our thumbs twitching in 2016.

5. Cluster Truck


I actually wrote about ClusterTruck for ThatVideoGameBlog, but I enjoyed my time with it so much that it has to make the list this year. I explain my love for the HGV mayhem in the review, but suffice to say, it took a lot of my year away from me, especially the level creator. Landfall Games created the jolly platformer with a yearning for carnage and a penchant for explosions. This dedication to chaos shines through, and Cluster Truck has yielded some of the most fun (and frustration) from all my 2016 indie experiences.

4. Hue


Earlier in the year, we interviewed one of the minds behind Hue, Dan Da Rocha, about the upcoming project. So when it popped up on the PS Store later on we couldn’t wait to have a go. We didn’t know we’d be so spellbound by a palette of colour. This intricate platformer didn’t have us scratching our heads for long – we were grateful that the controls and puzzle mechanics were so easy to get to grips with. Instead, we were provided hours of genuinely satisfying puzzles. There were enough tricky ones to keep us guessing, but gameplay didn’t become horrifically complex in later levels as you would expect. Either we have an affinity for colour, or this game is incredibly well designed. Levels are, essentially, substantially thought provoking but never tedious or dishearteningly complicated.

3. Samorost 3


You can check my review of Samorost 3 right here, and from that you’ll begin to understand why I loved every second of my late night forays into this wonderful world. Graphics are blindingly gorgeous on a retina screen and though it gave my lowly MacBook Pro a run for its power, the whirring it created never interfered with actual gameplay. It’s shocking that Samorost 3 hasn’t had more of an impact this year, after its incredible accomplishments in storytelling and gameplay mechanics.

2. Stories: The Path of Destinies


It’s rare that a video game title actually fully encapsulates everything the experience has to offer. And yet, Stories: The Path of Destinies does just that. Each playthrough is a collectable story constructed by you. With each twist and turn leading you in a different direction in your attempts to aid the Rebellion in taking down an evil Emperor, every 40-minute or so ‘story’ takes you through a different ‘path’ of ‘destiny’ – geddit? What results is a brilliant method of storytelling that packs a massive amount of narrative into a cohesive learning environment. With gorgeous fairy-tale graphics and a wise cracking narrator, what more could you want from a seriously deep play session? You can read up on the full game over at our Stories: The Path of Destinies review. Psst… it’s also available for free this month with PS Plus.

1. Firewatch



It’s the number one, and everyone knows it. 2016 has been a brilliant year for Campos Santos, with the epic release of their genius walking sim Firewatch. Players across the world were enthralled in the mysterious goings-on of this secluded national park – hearts were wrenched, tears were cried, and fires were… watched. Sure, it was slow but with a beautifully stylistic backdrop like this you need all the time in the world to take it all in. Overall, Firewatch has found itself at the top of many lists like this, and though its release may feel like a distant memory now, Firewatch can never be hyped enough.

What do you think? Seen something on here you think we might have forgotten in our list making shenanigans? Let us know down in the comments below.

Disclaimer: These are just the games we enjoyed most this year, calm down.


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