Indie VR Spotlight: Vanishing Realms

Things are moving on in the world of VR. Whereas the early days brought us static shooters and cute mini games, we are seeing more and more fully grown experiences cropping up on the indie scene. Vanishing Realms is perhaps one of the most ambitious.

The RPG exploration adventure game seeks to blend the fantastical worlds of Skyrim with the combat and exploration commonly found in dungeon crawlers. The result was developed entirely for the HTC Vive headset by a singular developer – Kelly Bailey, former Valve employee who also worked on Half-Life. Working under the developer title Indimo Labs, Bailey has created a rich and diverse world as yet unparalleled on the indie VR scene, and it’s still only in Early Access.


Taking on the role of a knight, the player will combat terrifying life-sized monsters with intuitive, realistic arm swinging controls and a few jump scares thrown in for good measure. Sweeping through magical lands, searching for ancient artefacts and learning the lore of the land, all while taking on the inhabitants of the Undead Realm is a virtual reality experience you need to get your hands on.


So far, the first two chapters (of what Bailey hopes will become a continuing adventure series) are up on Early Access for £14.99. Each chapter comprises around two hours of play content with room for replayability if players wish to snag those achievements or take the paths untrodden. Currently, Bailey is building on his achievements with Chapters 1 and 2 based on player feedback while continuing developments on a 3rd Chapter to be released once the title comes out of Early Access.


You can stay up to date with the developments over at the Steam Page, as well as on Twitter @VanishingRealms.



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