Liberty City Coming To GTA V Via Modders

Open IV has been heralded as the ultimate GTA V modding tool since its development in 2015 by a group of Russian developers. They’ve set their sights high for 2017 in what could be considered the most ambitious mod yet – to bring the entire Liberty City map to GTA V without replacing any of the already available locations.

The group aren’t ready to release any information on when the location will become available, but have disclosed that there will be no beta or open access induction – it will simply appear when it is ready.


The mod itself works as an automatic converter which simply brings Liberty City into your GTA V game from a GTA IV title, in order to both reduce download sizes and get around any nasty copyright issues – we’ll see how that goes in the near future of course. In the end, the aim is to get the mod out as a converter tool which can then be patched into your GTA V game as a DLC would – provided you have a copy of GTA IV. That being said, it’s not going to be a tiny download – the group are anticipating a lot of free space on your hard drive (no actual details yet announced) for the mod to work.

Alongside a trailer (see above), the group have also posted that the tool will work alongside Liberty City Stories. The information comes with a warning however. In their FAQ section of the announcement, the group answered the question of whether this mod would mean exclusion from GTA V Online with a resounding “with a high probability yes”. If you’re a massive single player fan of the city then start prepping your hard drive and stay updated on the official site, but if you’re into your online packages it’s probably best to avoid this fan built expansion.


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