Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date: March 21 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be releasing in North America on Tuesday March 21st according to a new post from the team. The news comes following the game’s CES keynote yesterday, alongside a new trailer (see below) to get fans rallied for the upcoming release date.

In the post, the devs detail how Andromeda is the most ambitious Mass Effect title to date. They’ve created a whole new world for the series, as well as new characters and challenges all on Frostbite engine for the first time.


They are now able to confidently announce the long awaited release date following brilliant feedback born from their ‘Holiday Build’ tradition. Since the early days of Mass Effect, the team at BioWare have been taking the final build home for the holidays to play through at their leisure, this time the title was put to the test by many devs who worked on the original series. Their seal of approval has been attained, which bodes well for long time fans of the series who may be wary of this new addition.

As well as this news, we have also been treated to an all new gameplay trailer which shows off some stunning space flight visuals and allows a glimpse into some of the new worlds we’ll be exploring. We’re given a surprising amount of information on skill trees and can see how these translate into combat in the game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will release in Europe on Tuesday 23rd March 2017.


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