Indie VR Spotlight: Sairento VR

Sairento VR has dark horse-d its way through 2016. When the sword swinging, gun slinging ninja experience hit early access right at the end of the year, it earned itself over a thousand downloads and a 98% Steam approval rating over its first four day period with little conventional marketing.


From studio Mixed Realms, Sairento VR positions its players in a reimagined, futuristic Tokyo, as members of the Silent Ones – an organisation of everyday inhabitants who practice badass martial arts on the down low. When some of your comrades start turning into terrifying nano-infected killing machines, however, you hear your call to action. And that action is as varied as it is visceral.


Fraught with first person shooter VR majesty, combining sword slashing mechanics with a traditional shooter means the variety of weapons and manoeuvres at your disposal is a triumph. Powerful guns, sickeningly sharp katanas, and futuristic projectile weapons belong in your arsenal, each with their own variations, benefits, and upgrades. A mission based first person shooter VR experience, it’s not only the combat that will have you dancing around your living room.


The whole experience has been crafted to provide high quality visuals and atmosphere in a first person perspective. While its the dynamic combat options (slow motion gunplay, projectile dodging, and a wide array of enemies) that bring punters to their Steam page, it’s the clean yet detailed art style which keeps them there.

Sairento VR is currently in Early Access, however players can expect a full release with new enemies, weapons, levels, improved graphics, and a story campaign mode in Q3 2017.


Twitter: @sairentovr 

Early Access – Steam



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