LiquidSky: The Free Game Streaming Service That Looks Like It Might Actually Work

Game streaming services have been trying to get off the ground since cloud storage floated into our skill set, however they often prove too limiting, costly, or faulty to break their way into the mainstream. LiquidSky is the first such service to look like it might actually change all that.

The idea is simple: players will be able to play any PC title on Mac, Windows, Android, or Linux devices, LiquidSky’s clincher however is its free to play model. Working in a similar manner to music streaming services like Spotify, users can collect ‘SkyCredits’ by watching ads before using those credits on hours of gameplay of almost any title supported by Steam,, or Origin.


Watching six minutes of ads will earn you an hour of playtime, with your daily usage meeting a cap at three hours. It’s not going to satisfy the hardcore among us, but then they can probably make room in their bank balances for an actual gaming PC. Should you prefer a higher quality experience, you can bank your credits and collect more to reach the next level, unlocking double the specs.


Otherwise, you can use the service like a subscription. Paid tiers offer a considerably more effective performance. For $9.99 a month you can bag yourself 80 hours of standard gameplay, 40 hours of Pro gameplay, or 20 hours of Elite gameplay with brackets improving with specs.


The company boasts the lowest latency experience around, and has been quietly gathering an online following with a massive launch expected in March. They are promising “tens of thousands” of users by this launch date.


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