Gravity Rush / Dragon Quest / Siegecraft – The Releases You Need To Know About This Week

17th – Siegecraft Commander (PS4, Steam)


Real time strategy tower based mechanics abound in this much anticipated single and multiplayer experience. Playing through the stories of the greedy Knights of Freemoi and the equally dubious Lizardmen in a medieval turn based setting may not trump the multiplayer mode, but it looks set to provide a preset challenge. This turn based combat can be switched to real time action based mechanics throughout the game, and online multiplayer will also include PC players thanks to cross platforming. Developers Blowfish Studios have also hinted at an HTC Vive and Oculus Rift port for PC players, however there’s no word yet on a possible PS VR version. If you enjoy flexibility in your tactical tower based combat titles, then it’s worth keeping your eye on the $19.99 Siegecraft Commander this week.

17th – Fate / EXTELLA: The Umbral Star (PS4, Vita,)


This follow up to the lunar events of Fate / EXTRA sees the fallout that occurs after the Holy Grail War. Now ancient ‘servant’ warriors must battle it out to reclaim their land from the evil moon computers that currently preside over it. These heroes will encounter baddies that saw light in previous Fate instalments, using new and exponentially more powerful combat mechanics.

18th – Gravity Rush 2 (PS4)


It’s been a PlayStation staple since it made headway on the PS Vita all those years ago, and now Gravity Rush 2 is headed for the PS4 this week. This time we’re faced with the option of two more gravity styles to implement in our gameplay – Lunar and Jupiter. Lunar allows Kat to jump further and higher, essentially keeping her light and on her toes, whereas Jupiter will heighten the force of gravity, giving attacks that little more impact we always wanted. Kat and Raven obviously return for their sequel, however devs are sure that this time round the game world is built for immersion, with a brighter city and more environmental impact based on your movements.

20th – Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (3DS)


We do love a good Dragon Quest. Originally appearing on PS2 in 2004, the genre shaking RPG is back to give the 3DS an injection of its youthful charm. The kingdom is under attack, and guess whose job it is to battle their way through turn-based tactical celebrations of mayhem. After an evil spell is cast over Trodain, you must work to save your King and country, and maybe a princess along the way. Of course there’s all the allies you’d expect to recruit, all the dungeons you’d expect to explore, and all the alchemy pots you’d expect to… alchemise?


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