14 PS Vita Titles To Look Out For In 2017

Valkyria Revolution


  • When: 19th January 2017
  • Who: Media.Vision
  • What: Action RPG
  • Why: The sick pleasure of perma-death – but only safe in the knowledge you can keep playing after

A Rose In The Twilight


  • When: 11th April 2017
  • Who: Nippon Ichi Software
  • What: Puzzle Platformer
  • Why: Take control of colour and time by absorbing blood and transfering it to static objects in order to tell stories of gruesome deaths

2064: Read Only Memories


  • When: 17th January 2017
  • Who: Midboss
  • What: Narrative adventure
  • Why: Shocking revelations abound through the plot twists of this murder mystery, with the Vita presenting an updated version of the original title with new voice acting

Beyond Human


  • When: 1st June 2017
  • Who: 2Souls Interactive
  • What: Platformer adventure
  • Why: A Metroid / Devil May Cry / Alien Breed 16-bit fusion speaks for itself

Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

Forgotten memories.jpg

  • When: 17th January 2017
  • Who: Psychose Interactive
  • What: Survival Horror
  • Why: Old school terrors like this aren’t seen much on Vita. Listen out for featured voice acting from Guy Cihi and David Schaufele of Silent Hill 2.

Full Throttle Remastered


  • When: 2017
  • Who: Double Fine Productions
  • What: Adventure
  • Why: The badass theme song that is Legacy by The Gone Jackals

God Wars: Future Past


  • When: 28th March 2017
  • Who: Kadokawa Games
  • What: Strategy RPG
  • Why: A traditional RPG gameplay with dynamic characters who bring their unique skills to battle alongside their traditional uses

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas


  • When: 2017
  • Who: Cornfox & Bros.
  • What: Action adventure
  • Why: A riff on The Legend of Zelda for your Vita sized pocket

Quantum Suicide

Quantum Suicide.jpg

  • When: Late 2017
  • Who: Cotton Candy Cyanide
  • What: Visual novel
  • Why: Who wouldn’t want to partake in some healthy intergalatic murder? A death filled spaceship in which your decisions decide which of your friends live or die awaits.

Salt and Sanctuary


  • When: Q1 2017
  • Who: Ska Studios
  • What: Action RPG Platformer
  • Why: The sheer array at weapons available for your hacking and slashing pleasures

Sir Eatsalot

Sir Eatsalot.png

  • When: 2017
  • Who: Behind The Stone
  • What: 2D Adventure Platformer
  • Why: Enjoy a comedic, lighthearted play style in a cartoon environment that takes everything and nothing seriously

The Banner Saga


  • When: 2017
  • Who: Stoic
  • What: Tactical RPG
  • Why: Working to make decisions for your men and seeing it all play out in a glorious viking world can be extremely satisfying, especially when no-one dies as a result

The Deer God


  • When: Q1 2017
  • Who: Crescent Moon Games
  • What: Adventure Platformer
  • Why: The gorgeous art style that sees 2D pixel art placed against 3D background throughout your journey in nature

YIIK A Postmodern RPG


  • When: 2017
  • What: RPG
  • Who: Ackk Studios
  • Why: A fully realised 3D world is waiting to be explored from behind the rims of your hipster glasses


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  1. The vita is still alive and kicking, I just wish it was more main stream, but at the same time I don’t because it may not have spawned a brilliant community like this 🙂

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