‘Pearl’ Brings VR To The Oscars

Microsoft’s Spotlight Stories project aims to bring innovative storytelling to the VR world. Their series of short films pulls viewers into stories that have seen aliens in LA, crazy ice dancing, bands of singing bugs, and a VR Simpsons couch gag. The animated film that’s caught the eye of The Oscars however, is Pearl.

It was only a matter of time before VR encroached on Hollywood’s perspective. One of the most prolific technological advancements of 2016, many were looking to the Academy to bring the headset to the awards. Pearl is just the story to do that and you can watch it below.

The nominations were only announced today, however the VR community is ecstatic to be recognised in the list. The usual blockbusters are obviously stealing many headlines, however VR’s small win here hasn’t gone unnoticed in the tech sector. Many are citing it as the first VR title to be entered into the category, with ‘Henry’ (Oculus Story Studio) earning an Emmy last year.


Whether or not the VR version is the one currently up for nomination is yet to be seen, as the creators also released a standard theatrical version. The story itself centres around a young girl and her father who live in their small hatchback and travel the country searching for their dreams. Debuting at Tribeca in early 2016, the film has since become the first to be ported to HTC Vive. In six minutes of running time, director Patrick Osborne brings us a folk musical from the vantage point of the passenger’s seat. It’s an intimate coming of age tale of father and daughter as they both change and grow comprised of 38 shots, 26 sets, and 17 characters.



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