Indie VR Spotlight: Polyphonia

Fresh off the podium at London’s VR Indie Pitch, Polyphonia represents a new kind of VR experience that welcomes any player with any skill set.

Coming in first was no surprise for this innovative musical experience, what does come as a surprise however is its lone student developer. The experience places you in an outlandish new world, where everything around you becomes a tool for creating music.


Its intergalactic setting lends itself to a larger narrative of an entire universe’s lifetime. Players can watch the universe’s creation through a big bang and follow it through right until its collapse, making music all along the way. Inspired by modern art and science, the experience celebrates the rhythms of the universe through instinctive controls that place users at the centre. Changing shape and size of the intergalactic objects around them to experiment in different sounds and tones while orchestrating a crescendo of gorgeous music. Grabbing an object and manipulating it in front of you creates a godlike approach to this space age music experience, and looks incredibly satisfying.


Polyphonia is no more a game than a relaxation exercise. With no threats, goals, or points to be won, the project is simply a soothingly tactile play experience. Developer Blaise Imiolczyk created the game as a project for the National Film and Television School, and it has since gained significant online traction. Demos have been spotted across certain expos and events, however a tentative late-2017 release window has been labelled on the title.

Polyphonia is currently in development for the HTC Vive, Oculus, and possibly PS VR.


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