Blog Round Up / Jan 2017: Survival

Fresh for 2017, we thought we’d start sharing some of our favourite online hangout spots with you as we delve into the gorgeously dynamic world of video game blogging. This month’s theme surrounds itself around one massive release that has sent shockwaves through the media – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. For January 2017 then, we’ve curated some of the funniest, most insightful, and most helpful blog posts to be published this month that engage with the idea of survival.

Green Man Gaming – How to Survive Your Typical Nightmare According To Video Games 


This survival guide based on what humanity has learned from the totally factually accurate world of video games could be your saving grace should you find yourself in a sticky situation. Through the survival horror games we know and love, Green Man Gaming presents its wonderful monthly guide this time dedicated to which model of flashlight Slenderman suggests you keep on you, and intriguing uses for your every day vacuum cleaner courtesy of one Luigi. Perhaps my favourite piece of advice throughout the article establishes the recommended course of action should you find yourself stuck in a room with no escape:

“After analysing the techniques used in popular horror games such as the PT Demo and Resident Evil 7, we can confirm that the best course of action is to stare intently at photographs”

Slate – How the Resident Evil Movies Became the Longest-Running Video Game Series of All Time

It’s a confusing headline, but the premise of Slate’s look at just what has made the Resident Evil movies so successful stands strong.

resi movie.jpg

Comparing Hollywood’s efforts with the survival horror giant against other failings on the adaptation shelf, Slate manages to pin down the reasons behind the franchise’s success. Describing Alice’s character as a defining asset to the films, as well as Capcom’s relationship with producers Paul Anderson and Jeremy Bolt, Slate argues that its in the series’ readiness to adopt technical advances that has saved it from the bargain bin.

AV Club – How do you deal with horror when things get too scary?

It’s a noble post – an attempt to scavenge pieces of advice from the comments sections of Resident Evil 7 review posts in order to help those a little overwhelmed by the terror of the experience. Words of wisdom include working out the worst case scenario, and actively encouraging your character to die to become desensitised to the fear of it. Good advice for a survival horror game, just don’t apply it to Green Man Gaming’s survival guide.

The Game Freak Show – Greatest Survival Horror Video Games Of All Time

Though questionable whether this decidedly modern list can really live up to that ‘all time’ headline, there’s no doubt that The Game Freak Show has compiled a list of some of the best horror games around. Head on over here if you’re all done and dusted with Resi 7 and want something to tide you over until that DLC hits.

Waypoint – Family Matters: How Humans Became the Real Horrors of ‘Resident Evil 7’

“I think the scariest thing in the world is other people” is the quote opening Waypoint’s conversation with the makers of Resident Evil 7. 

resi evil baker familu.jpg

They take Masachika Kawata’s words and run with them in this discussion of fresher dialogue, family life, rural settings, and homemaking. Waypoint delves into what exactly makes the game so terrifying, paying particular attention to the “discomforting distortion of the everyday”.



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