Introducing Fort Triumph: A Beautiful Tactical RPG

Every now and then a game lands in our inbox that we not only love the look of, but genuinely can’t wait to play ourselves.

Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG currently in development for a 2017 PC release. While a PS4 port is in the works, it’s the PC pre-Alpha build we got to take for a spin this week. What we saw already delivered on its key features while holding still retaining potential for things to come. The fantasy game will see you controlling four unique characters across different levels of turn based tactical battle. Each character has a specific set of skills that work best in different situations. Attack and defence spells can be curated to build both a solid shield against attacks while ensuring another character has an attack ready in place.

Fort Triumph Gameplay.png

Turns spread themselves over two movements. Pictured as small green dots on the side of the screen, this allows players to both attack and set themselves up for defence in one turn. Sidestepping the attack / defence trade off is where Fort Triumph truly sets itself apart from static top-down experiences of yore. Not only is the camera placed at a more intimate angle, placing you directly within the action, but this fluid gameplay mechanic allows for a more dynamic approach to turn based combat.

Fort Triumph Gameplay1.png

You are not simply placing your chess pieces on a board, but are rather working with the game machine and watching as it surprises you with its twists. Through any other mechanic this would become frustrating, but Fort Triumph‘s emphasis on blurring attack and defence in a two move turn improves player agency, and ultimately retention.

We only got the chance to sample a few of the maps promised, and screenshots of environments to come are incredibly promising. With a strong and focused combat style, engaging character design, and the potential of greater things to come, Fort Triumph was a pleasure to sample.


From its funny action descriptions to its crisp cartoonish graphical rendering, Fort Triumph is already shaping up to be an intimate reprisal of the tactical turn based genre. Keep an eye on their site for future crowd funding and Steam announcements.


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