Top Spotify Gaming Playlists

Since Spotify made its PS4 app debut in 2015, a whole new ‘Gaming’ genre has opened up on the popular music sharing platform. Since then the field has become inundated with xxXHeadd_shhotxXx’s gaming mixes (that’s a generic made up username for demonstration purposes – whoever you are xxXHeadd_shhotxXx, be more imaginative with your profile). We’ve spent a few months sifting through Spotify’s offerings to bring you these lists, so let’s turn this shit up to 11 and get on down.

Hint: Scroll down to ‘By Game’ to see what we’re currently listening to alongside the likes of No Man’s Sky, Titanfall, and Dark Souls. 

Chilled Vibes


Whether you’re looking for some relaxation music (as video game soundtracks often supply), or cracking open the books for some study time, these chilled Spotify gaming playlists will serve you well in your quest.

Gaming Fantasy – Taylor Davis

Taylor-Davis-Gaming-Fantasy-Album.jpgCalming violin pieces from fantasy RPG soundtracks that are sure to soothe the soul. Whether accompanying your RPG play, tracks like ‘Metal Gear Saga’ and songs from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger will keep you mellow.

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture (Original Soundtrack) By Jessica Curry

Better suited to deep relaxation rather than study, the Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture soundtrack features slow but often quite piercing choral singing across a soft backdrop.

Steep Original Game Soundtrack

19317.jpgYeah, this one surprised me too. I haven’t actually had the chance to sit down with Steep yet, but I did expect an SSX or Tony Hawk vibe to the soundtrack. Instead we have wistful odes to peaceful snow. Though at certain points the pace picks up much more than other relaxed suggestion we have to offer, the tempo and increase in layers does nothing to detract from a chilled tone.

That Dragon, Cancer Original Game Soundtrack

a0733787957_10.jpgDon’t reach for the tissues just yet, though if it’s a cathartic weep you’re after this will do just as well. This soundtrack provides the perfect deep chimes and slow pace to encourage some serious deep focus, so study comes most naturally.

I’ve collected the best chilled gaming tunes on a playlist suitably titled Chilled Gaming… y’know, just if you wanted to check it out…

Not So Chilled Vibes


Are we nice and calm now? Then it’s time to get that heart rate back up because here are the best gaming soundtracks for those adrenaline fuelled battles, or simply to get you out of bed in the morning.

Gaming 2017 – Dayana Mileva

This collection of EDM and popular remixes features fast, techy beats that are perfect for storming through a series of enemies and reaching that incorrigible boss.

Like A (Final) Boss

ca7c9f80c6a9abc32855ea4297a204752156b46aWhen you get to the boss, you’ll need this collection of head banging friendly drops. Sit back and allow the likes of Zedd, Excision, Skrillex, Datsik, Flosstradamus, Zomboy and Marshmello to provide the power you need to defeat the most intimidating of foes.


Gaming Anger – Voicians

This is one for the rage quit, or rather the rage-mash that comes just before a ‘fuck this’ and an abrupt power off. Nero, Pendulum, Kill The Noise, and The Prodigy are just some of the artists screaming alongside you.

Rock Gaming

The newest releases from alternative rock groups provide a 00s feeling skater approach to gameplay. It takes us back to the days of SSX World Tour and notebook graffiti…

By Game: What To Play Your Favourite Games To


No Man’s Sky = Greatest Hits Ever

This is a strange one, and one I only actually found by accident. Exploring deserted landscapes, and soaring through space is just made so much better by Bowie’s Starman playing out of my ship radio. Listening to rock classics and the occasional power ballad gives No Man’s Sky a Guardians of the Galaxy veneer that’s intensely rewarding.

Any Call of Duty = Best Hip Hop Gaming Beats


Staying cool and collected in multiplayer can be hard when you’re surrounded by idiots. Boosting up that ego while keeping you focused and badass, Best Hip Hop Gaming Beats is perfect ear candy.

Titanfall = Glitch Hop Gaming Mix – Da Fu

Fast techy drops and crescendos make up some intense badassery, and digital, industrial vibes are no better situated than the mech eat mech world of Titanfall. 

Dark Souls = Rage Quit


Suffice to say we’ve all be been there now with Dark Souls. However the Rage Quit playlist works brilliantly with the rugged aesthetic of the game, not just the fumes after the controller has been launched. Disturbed, Rise Against, Avenged Sevenfold, and Limp Bizkit feature in this rage-fest.



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