Indie VR Spotlight: Statik

Tarsier Studios’ Little Nightmares has earned the company its rightful media attention, but behind the exposure, the group have been working on their first ever self-published indie VR title.

The PSVR exclusive is set to release this Spring, and situates the player in a strange laboratory, facing an attentive scientist, with your hands locked in a puzzle cube. Statik teases us that “you must use your brain, eyes and ears to solve each mystery. But, this being VR, it’s hard to know which of these can be trusted”. It’s evident then, that behind these bright colours and ingenious puzzle designs, a much darker story is waiting in the shadows of Statik‘s full single player campaign.

Players awaken each morning to a new hand-mounted riddle to solve. Those who tested the indie VR game at PAX South have returned praising the ingenuity and level of complexity in the puzzles presented by Tarsier Studios. However, it’s the control scheme that’s getting me excited.

The use of a DualShock controller in VR feels like a step back in immersion most of the time. Moving through fantasy worlds, swinging your axe, or firing a rifle by simply moving those analogue buttons has presented its immersive problems in past games. Statik looks like it expertly repurposes this seemingly disadvantageous control set up to make it one of the most immersive elements of the experience.


Having your onscreen hands locked into the puzzle would feel very much like having your hands locked onto a DualShock controller. Each button you push seems to be mapped to a movement on the puzzle you are tackling. It’s a brilliant match between real life movement and on-screen results that i’m excited to try out for myself.

You can check out the upcoming indie VR title on Tarsier’s official site.


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