Mii Creator Is Back For Nintendo Switch

The beloved Mii has become a Nintendo staple over the past few console generations. Whether you view the cute little avatars simply as a fun, relaxing character creation tool or as an expression of your inner-most personality, you can be forgiven for worrying for the future of the creator application with Nintendo Switch.

The console has been marketed as a radical, and matured, departure from the days of the Wii U and 3DS, but fans can rest assured in the knowledge that we’re not too old for Mii Maker yet.

The Mii Creator application is back for Nintendo Switch, and it’s better than ever.


While Miis will no longer be a mandatory part of using your console, they can still be lovingly designed and used as profile images. Nintendo have even said there is developer support for including Mii figures in gameplay should game designers desire it.

It is true that the Mii Creator has definitely done some growing up since the Wii U. Gone are the whimsical tunes, birthdays, and favourites, but in their place sits an intuitive creation studio with new design options and extra room for creativity. More facial components and colour options have been added to the software, allowing you to browse an eye-watering range of 100 colours for any aspect of your Mii. The clean and simple interface has been wooing those lucky enough to get their hands on a console early, and the options to breathe more life into your Mii’s personality are going down a treat. Customisable backgrounds and poses allow your Mii to show their true colours on your system.


Unfortunately it will just be on your system. The Miiverse is not making a return to the Nintendo Switch, and neither is Streetpass. Instead, players can store up to 100 Miis on their system, including any you want to transfer over from your old device. It’s a small price to pay for an increase in customisation options, but it makes sense to see Nintendo stripping these features away to provide more room for console level gaming on a handheld. We’ll be sorry to say goodbye to the Miiverse, but it won’t take much to console us when we’re shown our beautiful new Miis.


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