Your Nintendo Switch Micro SD Card Buyers Guide

Soon you’ll have your Nintendo Switch in your hands, so you don’t want to be shocked to realise there’s only 32GB of memory on that little tablet. So which Micro SD card should you buy for the Nintendo Switch? You’re going to be looking primarily at a tradeoff between performance and price, with storage levels remaining fairly similar across the market. Let’s take a look.

We don’t know yet how well the Switch will handle read and write speeds, and it might be worth saving a bit of money by checking that out on your system with a cheaper card. However, if you know you want your system will be firing on all cylinders some cards are better suited to reading and writing data than others.

Toshiba Exceria

The Toshiba Exceria is an under appreciated little SD card. Providing some of the best read and write speeds and a storage capability of 128GB for £34 isn’t a deal you’re going to see very often. So if you’re happy to pay ever so slightly what you could get away with for this technical peace of mind, it’s a no brainer.

Samsung EVO Plus

The Samsung EVO Plus is the current Godfather of the Micro SD market. The highest of the high end with incredible performance speed and the most memory the Switch can handle it’s your gut buster of a card. The giant is even water, temperature, x-ray, and magnetic proof – so wherever you take your Switch your data will be protected… even if the Switch isn’t. It does also cost £140 though, should have probably led with that – sorry. There is a 64GB model that you can grab on Amazon for £20, however.

Samsung EVO

The cheapest card on our list is the 64GB Samsung EVO at £16.95. Anything below 64GB is going to fill up extremely fast, and trust us when we say we’ve been through the 4GB Vita memory card juggling – it’s not fun. It’s a slower form of the Plus model and comes in about £5 cheaper give or take a pound. If you’re not particularly fussed about read and write speed, and simply want a card to get you off the ground then the EVO is your best bet.

SanDisk Ultra

The 128GB SanDisk Ultra model comes in at £37, and is the next step up from a standard 64GB card. If those microseconds of read and write speed aren’t an issue for you, but you still want a decent collection of digital titles on your person, this is the best deal we’ve found online.



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