Indie Dev Market Research Tips for 2017 – Infographic

The independent video game development market can be daunting at least, especially in 2017 when the landscape is crowding substantially. We took to some statistics from 2016 to create an indie dev’s market research tool to provide tips to help you make your mark on the 2017 gaming community. Can’t decide which platform to go for? We have compiled stats on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile mediums to help you make that all important decision, as well as delving into the genres and modes of play that seem to speak loudest to consumers this year. Indie developer forums and launch sites can get you far, but your product will need that valuable video game market research to get you there in the first place.

So sit back, relax, and let us take you through our independent video game development market research tips for 2017.


So what can you take away from this market research?


  • Male gamers are more prevalent than female gamers again – though it might just be a dip reflective of the industry in the past year, it’s worth considering whether you want to jump on market sway or hold out and battle a less competitive arena
  • PC is still the most used platform, however mobile gaming has taken over the revenue, earning more than PC games last year for the first time ever. It’s a reflection on the pricing and marketing model between the two mediums, and you’re going to have to work out whether the visibility and number of players tradeoff is worth it to chase the App Store dream. Make no mistake, independent app development is still as cut throat as ever.
  • PS4 was the best selling dedicated console of last year by a long stretch, so consider the larger numbers of ready consumers waiting for you here when deciding to take your game in the console direction.
  • Puzzle games came out on top in terms of genre, which is possibly related to the explosion of the mobile market, but a road to consider nonetheless.
  • Multiplayer and social gaming is bigger than ever, so you’ll want to consider your capacity to take this element into account in your independent video game development.
  • Free to Play isn’t to be ignored, it’s a growing section of Steam with a large market. Considering the revenue potential that mobile gaming has just realised, it’s dangerous to disregard such a pricing model straight off the bat. You can always take to indie dev forums to find out how other independents have coped with the budgeting and cost issues of the free to play model.


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