What To Expect At BlizzCon 2017

BlizzCon officially returns this year to the Anaheim Convention Center from November 3-4. It’s been an explosive reveal, with rumours already beginning to circulate surrounding Blizzard’s potential announcements and the event’s structure. Fans have reason to be excited too, because Blizzard Entertainment have a strong potential roster of announcements to make and all signs seem to point to some increasingly exciting industry moves.

Where To Buy BlizzCon Tickets

Ticket sales go live on April 5th at 7pm PT for the first batch, and the second will be up for grabs April 8th at 10am PT for $200. To make the whole ordeal easier, be sure to make an account with Universe.com beforehand so you only need to worry about logging in on the day. You will be able to purchase tickets for other people, and keep them in your name if you do not know who you will be attending with.

BlizzCon Tickets.jpg

Blizzard have also announced that their Virtual Ticket will be returning for the 2017 show, though no details have been revealed further.

BlizzCon Announcements 2017

Rumours are flying surrounding just what Blizzard are going to be unveiling in November, so we’ve compiled some of the most likely here.

It’s likely we’ll be seeing some new Overwatch characters hit the roster, beyond the ones we already know are coming – it would be a bit of an oversight to leave Doomfist to November after all.

We know that Diablo III will be receiving a new Necromancer class, so some extra content is possibly on the horizon. Fans would be hard pressed to find an Diablo IV reveal but it’s still early days.


Rumours have been spinning over the last couple of weeks that a remastered Star Craft is coming up in the next few months, so many fans are eagerly awaiting the possibility of further remasters arriving in November.

You wouldn’t be insane to expect some more Heroes of the Storm to come from BlizzCon, and some more content for Hearthstone is highly likely.

BlizzCon Costume Contest 2017

Blizzard also announced that some structural changes are afoot. BlizzCon 2017 will apparently see alterations in the formation of the annual costume contest that has kept fans hooked for so many years. It’s nothing to worry about yet, and just stands as a heads up for now, but something to keep in mind while you draw up your blueprints.

BlizzCon costume contest


As always, BlizzCon will be the HQ of a wide variety of anticipated eSport champsionship finals. So far, we only have details of the Star Craft II World Championship Series Finals and the World of Warcraft World Championship Finals. However, there are some stark changes to the way things will work this year, for World of Warcraft at least.

This year, we’ll see extra qualifier classes in North America and Europe with open sign ups. Essentially the Championship is open to anyone, with rosters sitting at a minimum of 3 team members and a max of 4, so get practicing. Regional Championships will seat 12 teams, an improvement on last year’s 8, and the Final battle will also be between more teams this year.

BlizzCon Stage

BlizzCon 2017 looks set to be an amazing couple of days, so book those ticket days into your calendar! Let us know if you’re thinking of attending, and what you’re most looking forward to this year!


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