8 Chilled Video Game Soundtracks Perfect For Studying

Studying and video games are two activities that usually stand across the battlefield from each other, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Video game soundtracks are often created to intensify focus without distracting the player from the action, which makes them perfect rousing anthems for the weeks before final exams. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing deep focus experience or a driving motivational force, video game music is often perfect for your study sessions and we’ve got the perfect mix of tunes here.

‘The Knight’s Theme’ – Austin Wintory, The Order: 1886 

The slow, meditative strings of ‘The Knight’s Theme’ pull listeners straight into a focused state with their chilled draw. After a brief introduction to the string section, we’re treated to a hearty bass section that can fill the room with a slow and heavy calm.

‘Dead Island Trailer Theme’ – Giles Lamb, Dead Island 

On release, Dead Island garnered a significant amount of fan frustration after this trailer led players to believe the game was a heavily emotional experience. When fans booted up the hack and slash zombie slaughter-sim, they were shocked by the shallowness of the title. It ended up being an incredibly fun gameplay experience, and though the trailer may have oversold the emotional quality of the game we were still treated to this underappreciated gem of a song. The slow, repetitive piano with high strings pulling in certain melodic accents is perfect for some chilled focus and deserves its place on any relaxation playlist.

‘Hanging On The Mont-Blanc’ – Zikali, Steep 

The Steep soundtrack is filled to the brim with chilled vibes. This light, airy, and minimalist track quickly builds up in pace and rhythmic speed. One for some driving motivation, ‘Hanging On The Mont Blanc’ is perfect for morning study sessions. Though light in texture, there’s a lot going on here so maybe save this song for your eureka moments when the pen is fully flowing.

‘Colours That Heal’ – Jon Hillman, That Dragon, Cancer 

‘Colours That Heal’ is a must have for any study playlist, even if you just bang the 2 minute track on for some serious brainstorming time. The minimalist song consists entirely of slow piano, and though it’s short it’s a perfect stop and think video game soundtrack.

‘Going On An Adventure’ – Floex, Samorost 3 

Samorost 3 was built around music, so the soundtrack is obviously a delight for the ears. With a driving bass and a whole load of different intertwining rhythms, ‘Going On An Adventure’ is a light-hearted, fast, and upbeat track to plough through some serious work to.

‘Peaceful Repose’ – Vincent Diamante, Flower 

Perfect for a deep focus study playlist, ‘Peaceful Repose’ is a 9 minute foray into slow, relaxing piano with light strings plucking in for a surprisingly catchy hook. Low melody notes provide a warmth of harmonious cosiness, perfect for some deep concentration.

‘Coup de Grace’ – Hans Zimmer, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 

The booming bass and droning strings of ‘Coup de Grace’ make for a powerful march into final exams and essays. Perfect for the post-midnight slog, this motivational battle cry will complement any sudden late night caffeine boost.

‘The Road to Masyaf’ – Lorne Balfe, Assassin’s Creed Revelations 

Opening with beautiful choral music and moving into rousing brass punches, ‘The Road to Masyaf’ needs to be on your motivational study playlist. Crescendos force you to keep that pen moving, but the sheer amount of layers mixing together in this track makes it incredibly busy and therefore suited more to legwork tasks than deep focus sessions.

We hope you have enjoyed our video game music study playlist, if you think we missed any that are at the top of your study session mix let us know!




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