5 Cheap Nintendo Switch Accessory Alternatives

Want all the Nintendo Switch accessories for less than the price of the Pro Controller? We can help with that.

Nintendo Switch has had a pretty successful launch – for Nintendo, not necessarily your bank account. With Joy-Con controllers coming in at eye watering prices, the Pro Controller price-tag making you sweat, and docking stations simply vanishing from store shelves, it’s easy to see the Nintendo Switch as an endless run of hidden costs. It doesn’t have to be that way though, it’s easy enough to find cheap Nintendo Switch accessories that have received great reviews from their users. Hear your wallet breath a sigh of relief as we take you through some of the most cost-effective Nintendo Switch peripherals.

Nintendo Switch JoyCon Grips (UK £13.99 / US $14.99)

Cheap Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If you want a more traditional console experience, but don’t feel like shelling out $70 (£60) for a Pro Controller, there’s a workaround that offers a similar experience for under $20. These Switch Grips create a more traditional game-pad shape that help users retain that console feel with their JoyCon controllers. These supports give your controller a heftier feel making those long play sessions a little less demanding on the wrists. Thumb grips are included in the box, making these supports the cheapest way to keep precise control over your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Carry Case / Starter Kit (Best Price: UK £8.97 / US $12.99)

One of my favourite things about buying a new handheld console is the curation and organisation of the carry case. A few tough decisions are going to be made – do you sacrifice design for safety? How many card slots will you need? Do you go for an all-in-one but bulky trunk of a case or a slimline sleeve that serves no other function? Thankfully, the question of how you’re going to afford a carry case doesn’t have to be as stressful. Pro cases can strip you of mind-boggling amounts of cash at checkout, but after some digging we found these great protective cases offering a good amount of storage and coming in at a fraction of the official price.

nintendo switch carry case

The Orzly Carry Case is about £15 / $12.99 and can hold your tablet with attached JoyCons, two extra JoyCon controllers, 8 game cartridges, a pair of earphones, and other small cables you’ll need on your journeys. The understated black external design means you won’t draw any unwanted attention when you’re out and about, and the durable outer shell will keep your system warm and cosy. This is the best price vs number of reviews vs storage capability and quality case we’ve found so far (we’ll let you know if we can do one better!) but if you’re still looking to squeeze more out of those coins, check out the even cheaper (but currently un-reviewed) options below.

Micro SD Card (UK: £19.92 / US: $19.99)

samsung evo 64gb micro sd card

You can check our Micro SD Buyers Guide for a comprehensive look at which card will be best for your gaming habits. The cheapest option that will still be productive on your system is the Samsung EVO 64GB model that still rings up as £19.92 / $19.99 but becomes a sigh of relief when you consider the £40 128GB options.

Nintendo Switch Playstand (UK: £8.99 / US: $7.99)

Nintendo Switch tabletop stand

If you’re going to be playing in table-top mode a lot, you’ll want to be investing in a table-top stand so that all your mates can get in on the action. This MyArmor Compact Desktop Cradle is lightweight, foldable, and easily adjustable – and carries an £8.99 price tag to seal the deal. A stand can help your friends gather for a Mario Kart battle, or keep your desktop clear of clutter when you’re taking some game time, so it’s no wonder there’s a market for these portable peripherals.

nintendo switch silicone grip game stand

Meanwhile, in the US you can pick up a Cuvr Nintendo Switch Game Stand which offers a multi-angled display holder for your system for the low price of $7.99.

Screen Protector (UK: £3.99 / US $4.99)

nintendo switch with screen protector

With the rise of the multi-touch screen comes the rise of the fingerprint. To avoid those unslightly smudges on your system, keep your tablet screen pristine with a high quality screen protector. You don’t have to pay the £15 elite price you keep seeing though – you can pick up a two pack of FoneM8 Nintendo Switch screen protectors on Amazon for £3.99.  The $4.99 AnoKe screen protectors haven’t had any reviews on Amazon yet and are certainly the cheapest, but the Finite tempered glass protectors may offer better protection for $7.99.

A Word On Skins

At the moment, it is not advisable to apply adhesive skins to your Nintendo Switch system. Following reports of damage to surface work, Nintendo has been forced to recall and refund any skin sold either for aesthetic or protective purposes. I haven’t included any skins on this list, mainly because the cheap ones would probably be the most damaging.

What do you think of our list of cheap Nintendo Switch accessories and peripherals? Think you’ve spotted a better deal? Let us know downstairs in the comments!




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