Video Game Blog Roundup March – Replay

Finding good video game writing on the web is by no means a difficult task. There are millions of video game blogs online ready and waiting for your perusal, which is why every month we select our favourite reading experiences based on a monthly topic. I recently got my hands on my old Gameboy Color and spent many an hour retreading my way through all my old games, so I thought ‘Replay’ would be a great theme for this month’s blog round up. From how Horizon Zero Dawn has kept a firm grasp on our hearts and hands, to a reader discussion on the games we had to give just one more try to like, we have rounded up our favourite musings of the past month to present here to you guys.

Horizon Zero Dawn Made Me Love Video Games Again – Germain Lussier, Gizmodo

Horizon Zero Dawn

Lussier writes a love letter to Horizon Zero Dawn, the open world far distant future extravaganza that has stolen all our fiery hardpoint arrow-hardened hearts. It’s a love letter that’s given me hope – 48 hours into the game i’m starting to realise it might all end soon and i’ll be left an empty shell without my daily dose of Nora action. Lussier undertakes an analysis of just what makes Guerilla’s latest title so compelling, while relating how each aspect keeps you coming back long after the game’s closing scene (whatever that may be).

“that kind of obsession is what I was missing in video games”

FFX Thoughts On Replay – Karandi, 100 Word Anime


The good old days of video games are often recounted through rose tinted glasses, which is why it’s so dangerous to replay a beloved game. You could fall in love with those blurry pixels and chip-tune sounds all over again, or you might be left frowning and checking if someone’s switched your disk. Unfortunately, writer Karandi was faced with the latter experience when booting up FFX. Between frustrating cut-scene arrangements and incredibly difficult bosses, Karandi still managed to hold onto the character and story features that they were so hooked on the first time round.

Does It Have Replay Value – United We Game 


Actually pinning down that all important question of the month, what is replay value, is HatM0nster with this deliberation over the elements of a game that keeps players coming back. Through games Destiny, Metroid Prime, and Mass Effect United We Game takes us through the different aspects of game design that can turn that console back on again when the credits roll and proves an incredibly thoughtful reflection on getting the most out of your disk.

“Having a reason to come back after the credits roll has always been important; it’s what the old arcade game literally banked on after all. However, in a modern game industry where the choices are too many to count, having more replay value could very well make the difference between a purchase and a pass.”

Gaming Question Sunday #1: More Than One Try? – Dylan DiBona, Playing With Thoughts 

Excellent gaming blog Playing With Thoughts invites its readers to discuss the games that took them more than one attempt to really get into. We usually talk about replaying games in a positive light – but what about the games that force us to keep coming back to get us to actually enjoy them? Check out the comment section on this one as it unfolds, and jump into the mix yourself!




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