Why Nintendo’s SNES Mini Might Follow The Same Route As The NES

Nintendo’s plan to release a SNES Mini console for the Christmas market this year was revealed by sources close to Eurogamer today. That means Nintendo’s clearly happy with the response to their mini NES console over the past few months, and the news might answer some questions fans have over the fact that the NES Mini has been discontinued.

To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised when Nintendo announced earlier this month that the NES Classic had finished its production run. The console has been highly sought after over the past few months due to its rarity, which while not bringing Nintendo as much sales in return, definitely aligned the company with the values it used to be associated with.

nes classic mini console

With the fall of the Wii U it quickly became obvious that Nintendo wasn’t the industry figurehead it once was. However, the Japanese giant still had two things to hold onto: nostalgia and collectables.┬áNintendo knows its nostalgic power, so i’m suspicious of their surprise at the popularity of the Classic Mini. I’m extra suspicious of rumours that the SNES Mini will come well stocked.

These retro plug and play consoles are no more than a sprinkling of pocket money for Nintendo and serve much bigger ends of reestablishing the light-hearted, heritage-proud values of the company. In enforcing these values in the modern day, Nintendo is able to tap into the market that made them the most formidable gaming force back in the day while reminding gamers of the power the company used to play with.

So, what does this mean for the SNES Mini and NES Classic? The NES Classic was supposedly discontinued to make way for production on the SNES. I think the NES Classic was always supposed to be understocked, and always supposed to be a limited run. Nintendo is a highly collectable company, and combining that rare-factor with the nostalgia that runs in its blood is the recipe for a healthy reminder of their industry power.

SNES Console

I predict the SNES Mini will follow the same stocking tactics as the NES Mini, and crucially, will become equally sought after among collectors and the general playerbase. Nintendo’s accomplished something amazing with the NES Classic, they’ve reestablished themselves as a company we all want a piece of, and will pay extortionate eBay prices for. They’re not about to undercut that with an easily accessible SNES Mini.

Do you think this is the logic behind the NES Classic’s shelf life? What does that mean for the SNES Mini? Are you already in the queue or are you giving it a few more hours? Comment down below to join the conversation.


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  1. I’ve honestly given up trying to understand Nintendo’s stock logic, haha. The SNES was my first gaming console so I would love to have a SNES mini for that reason. I know I won’t get one because there will always be silly shortages with every Nintendo launch product.

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