How To Fix Your Loud PS4

We’ve all had our PS4s a while now so we’ve probably forgotten the sweet silence of days gone by. Well, that fresh out the box whisper of a console can be yours again once you fix your loud PS4. Over time your console sucks up large amounts of dust which sit inside the system causings the fans to go into overdrive. While for many this is simply an annoying whir in the background, large build up of dust can actually cause some nasty long term problems. These 9 easy steps will show you how to quieten your loud PS4 by opening the console up and giving it a spritz with some compressed air. You’ll unclog the fans and breath a sigh of relief next time you switch on.

1. Turn Off and Remove The PS4

Switch off your PS4 and remove it from the wall socket (making sure it’s not in rest mode when you do so, we all hate that passive aggressive warning against nuking a PS4). Make sure you remove any disks in the drive, and unplug all cables before you start.

2. Remove The Pads Underneath The Console


Towards the back of the console underneath, you’ll see some seals which block access to the screws. You’ll need to remove these but be warned, this does exclude you from any warranty. 

3. Unscrew

Unscrew the three screws underneath these pads, taking care not to mash the top of the screws with an ill-fitting screwdriver. Keep the screws in a safe place to avoid the old sellotape solution at the end.

4. Gently Pop Off The Cover

The plastic underside of the PS4 should now pop off. Be gentle in this process, ensuring nothing is forced. Place the cover upright next to your open PS4.

5. Dust The Cover

Clean the dust from the vent area of the cover you have just removed. This is the first blockade preventing dust from leaving your system, so make sure it’s free from accumulation before you continue.

6. Find The Fan


Have a look at your system. Marvel at its beauty and then remember what you’re here for. You need to locate the fan, which shouldn’t be too hard… it looks like a fan. But you also want to be wary of where the disk tray sits. You need to be careful around this sacred component – nothing shall touch the disk tray.

7. Go To Town On Your Fan

Get your can of compressed air and gently blow the dust particles away from your fan. Cover a range of angles and keep a good distance from the fan itself so you don’t damage anything with a pressurised can. Make sure you don’t turn the can sideways as you’ll see some fluid leakage, and remember – don’t go anywhere near the disk drive.

8. Have A Snack

at the seaside

Whenever you open your console, there’s going to be a risk that moisture of any sort will come into contact with the components. As long as nothing is directly spilt on the system you should be fine, but to make sure just leave the system open for about 15 minutes to half an hour to allow anything to evaporate. Have a snack, contemplate venturing into the outside world, or maybe just google a wiki for that boss battle you’ve been having trouble with. You do you.

9. Replace The Cover

Put the cover back on your PS4 after giving it one final inspection. Screw it into place again and plug everything back in.

After you’ve completed this quick and easy process, boot up your system and smile as it sings for you.

It is recommended that you clean out your system every 2-3 months, but I haven’t run into any problems leaving it longer than that. There are a number of ways you can reduce the amount of dust actually entering your system in the first place though.

If you don’t want to buy any accessories to prevent dust build up, simply wipe over your system with screen cleaner every few days. Screen cleaner will be kind to shiny and matte surfaces while picking up dust along the way.

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  1. I just bought the Slim back in the Fall, and I’m really grateful that it’s not nearly as loud as the original beast. Cool guide though! I might want to replace the PS4 HD at some point.

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