Destiny 2 Can’t Run at 60fps on PS4 Pro

Destiny 2 director Luke Smith confirmed to IGN today that the game will be locked into a 30fps framerate on the PS4 Pro because there’s just “not enough horsepower” in the console.

Destiny 2 PS4

Clarifying the disappointment, project lead Mark Noseworthy (real name, don’t laugh) continued to point out that while the Pro GPU could pull the experience off, the CPU would struggle under the weight of all that “rich physics simulation, with collision and players, networking etc.”. While Destiny 2 will run at 4K on the PS4 Pro under these constraints, it’s a little disappointing that Bungie aren’t looking to make the most of what the console can do. A 60fps Destiny 2 PS4 Pro experience is apparently not an option, but the jury’s still out for Xbox.

Destiny 2 gameplay

Microsoft explicitly stated today that they weren’t releasing any information on Destiny 2‘s running potential on the Scorpio system until E3. It’s not looking good for Sony if Xbox Scorpio can pull optimal play experience out the bag for one of the industry’s biggest franchises, so you can expect some tension in June. Some are cynical, however. Scorpio released its technical specifications a while back, and responses were split. Microsoft’s silence on the matter is nothing to sniff at either. We might just see another E3 console war between the giants over this, so get the 60fps popcorn ready and recline.

<Sigh> Yes, PC is getting the full works.


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