New Life Is Strange Sequel Is On The Way

Or: Someone Finally Got All My Emails 

The Life Is Strange sequel release date is still up in the air, but I can sleep soundly knowing another angsty time-travel fiesta is on the way, hopefully with a matching soundtrack to boot.

In this YouTube video posted yesterday, the creative directors over at DontNod announced the sequel in all their silky smooth French glory.

Wipe away the tears as the guys thank the massive community of series fans for their dedication to the premise and get onto the good stuff half way through.

It turns out that since the release of the boxed version of the original Life Is Strange, developers have been hard at work on the sequel. With the title hitting total sales of over 3 million copies, the announcement comes at no better time. Whether or not we’ll be returning to Arcadia Bay for the next instalment is still unknown. DontNod are keeping details under wraps for now, including that all important release date. With a slew of marketing fist bumps over the past year, including a real life Everyday Heroes photo competition and a free episode offer, this decision was always in the back of fans’ minds.


Life Is Strange scene
I remember I acted too quickly here… my regret for this decision knows no bounds… if you’ve played, you know.


The original title saw protagonist Max Caulfield uncover the mysteries of the dead end town she grew up in. As bizarre natural occurrences and a twisting narrative of paranoia, disappearances, and elitist private school gangs collide with Max’s newfound ability to manipulate time, things get grippingly poetic. Though it struggled a bit with cliche and a touch of cringe in a few voice acting moments, the game is well deserving of its critical attention and renewed interest.

Life Is Strange storm

It’s time to start another play through and await that Life Is Strange sequel release date.

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  1. Yes yes yes yes yes! I follow their social channels and was thrilled when they shared that video. My girlfriend and I played Life is Strange together, a singularly beautiful, dark and truthful game.

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