Far Cry 5 Announces Montana Location

We’ve had Micronesia, the open African savannah, mysterious unmarked islands and the Himalayas, and now we have the wild badlands of Montana. The game will mark a series first as Far Cry 5 lands on home soil, publishers have announced today in a series of trailer videos.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 20.24.54

The Far Cry 5 release date is still up in the air, but at least the Western rumour has finally been put to bed. Hope County is the fictional rural district of Montana in which the next first person adventure is set to take place. Teaser trailers introduced us to the serene backdrop with some uncomfortable nuances ready to make you twitch for the controller. A lone man gallops through rolling fields before crumbling as a single shot cracks out. An ominous choral display of ‘Amazing Grace’ spills from a church before a zoom gives us a peak at the uniquely horrifying bell ringing methods. A silent picturesque mountain view is interrupted by the bloodcurdling scream that sends birds erupt into the air.

While no actual gameplay footage is yet available for our eyes, the teaser trailer makes a few bold statements in its depiction of hidden horror in America. At least those Western rumours have finally been put to rest, this looks decidedly more modern than the Red Dead Redemption challenge many were playing the release up to be. More information will be released Friday, so be sure to check in then.

Fun Fact: I totally only just noticed there’s a body floating in the river…


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