Resident Evil Movie Series Comes Back From The Dead

Constantin Film, the company that currently holds the rights to the Resident Evil movie franchise, announced via Variety that they are set to reboot the iconic spin off series.

In the face of dwindling consumer support for video game movie adaptations, Constantin are making a bold move. The franchise hasn’t historically been the most amazing of cinematic feats, but it’s one of the most famous adaptation series’. With theĀ Resident EvilĀ game returning to its pure survival horror roots this year, we might see a drastic change in film that follows ‘The Final Chapter’. Whether or not Constantin want to replicate such developments in their reboot remains to be seen, however with such player approval of the new approach it would make sense to branch out cinematically.

Resident Evil film screenshot

Further detail on directors and production elements is yet to arrive, though we do know that Paul WS Anderson won’t be on board. Personally I’m wary of video game film adaptations, but remain cautiously open to the potential of a good one in the future.

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