If You Remember Digitised Sprites, You’ll Love Retro Camera App Famicam 64

Retro camera apps are taking over the App Store. From vintage snappers to a polaroid renaissance, photographers are taking a break from HD perfection every now and then. Retro gaming enthusiasts can now get in on the action with the Famicam 64.

famicam retro camera app

The 8-bit retro game application transforms your images into pixellated throwbacks with an onslaught of intuitive tools and fun features at your disposal. Featuring over 40 filters that can be applied in real time, this cracking app offers you the ability to take pictures in classic retro palettes.

Your photos can be recast in the style of the NES, Super Famicom, Atari, Mega Drive, Game Boy, and Super Nintendo as well as a host of other retro gaming computer systems. The result often recalls the days of digitised sprites. While photos are often fully reduced to the basic colour systems from back in the day, some of the slightly-too-realistic results remind me of photo sprites from back in the day.

famicam 64 image editing

The whole retro camera interface is designed to offer the tactile retro feel of yesterday’s consoles. A drawing feature allows you to further customise your snaps with extra pixel colouring, effects, and brushes. There are also over 350 different sprite stickers you can stick around. Transforming yourself into an 8-bit hero of yore complete with sprite weapons and monsters and then placing your image in one of the classic period frames is a great little thumb tapper.


With native sharing to social media, you can update (or downdate) your profile pictures to reflect your 8-bit dreams – perfect for indie developers or retro collectors. A whole lot of fun and a great time killer, free retro camera app Famicam 64 is a great iPhone addition.



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