PS Plus June 2017: Expect Changes From Sony

Sony is looking to make big changes to its PlayStation Plus system in June, though details remain scarce. Possibly looking at new ways to please everyone, PlayStation announced plans to overhaul its current system ready for next month’s free instalments.

PS3, PS4, and PS Vita

I’ve been subscribing to PS Plus ever since I bought my PS4 in summer last year. In that time there’s been about 4 months of games that simply haven’t appealed enough to download. I’m still a major fan of the service, it’s introduced me to a number of genres and titles I would never have otherwise purchased and allows a constantly refreshed library for when i’m itching for something new.

So while I don’t necessarily mind the 4 months of lacklustre offerings, the service has provided more than enough to keep me interested. The possibility of a system overhaul, then, is incredibly exciting.

Sony announced that they would be performing a major update on the way PS Plus operates, possibly rolling out in time for June 2017. Apparently, PlayStation is out to boost their subscriber numbers, implementing changes that will draw more players into the service. What this actually means though, is still up for debate.

PS Plus free games for May
PS Plus Free Games For May 2017

Many say that Sony will begin offering PSVR titles in their PS Plus lineups, and while that’s almost definitely going to happen at some point, it’s worth remembering that a small percentage of players actually own the £500 gear. Not exactly in line with their crowd pleasing mentality.

We may well see an extra retro addition to our monthly haul. A PS2 or PS1 remaster, or even a classic PS3 title fresh from the PS Now stockroom. Whatever Sony are up to, it’s worth keeping an eye on PS Plus June 2017 news this week, as more information will come to light in the next few days.



7 thoughts on “PS Plus June 2017: Expect Changes From Sony

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  1. Wow cool, you’re my first source on this. I’ve only had a PS4 since last Fall myself, and while I do use PS Plus to play Rocket League, most of the free games I haven’t been interested in. Curious to see what they do.

      1. YES! I already had it for PC, so when I saw it was on PS Plus I was grateful for everyone else who hasn’t, but obviously it was redundant for me. That’s my favourite Telltale game (but Life is Strange is better than them all).

          1. I do check the games every month! I’m paying for them so I want to know what’s available. I just hope Nintendo does something decent with their subscription – I heard monthly Virtual Console games might only be available for the month, which is pretty weak.

            1. Yeah I just never expected myself to play Tales! Hopefully – if that’s true then it’s going to be rough. Hopefully they do something with small Wii U ports, though that might be a long shot.

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