Monster Hunter XX Coming To Nintendo Switch

Capcom made a surprise announcement today when told fans its famed Monster Hunter series will resume on the Nintendo Switch console.

Monster Hunter

When asked about the possibility of Monster Hunter XX on Nintendo Switch, Shintaro Kojima responded with the somewhat hopeful “hope you enjoy it on 3DS first”. Since then, we’ve all been expecting a Switch port at some point. What’s surprising is that Capcom have announced the game this early.

The game will provide the Nintendo Switch the third party boost it’s searching for at the moment. That being said, there’s little information on when the game will actually come to fruition, as Monster Hunter XX hasn’t even been revealed for the west yet. The title has seen incredible reception in Japan, where it’s been out since March.

What we do know is that the game is an expanded version of Monster Hunter X which saw release on 3DS in 2015. There’s a lot to be hopeful for, however, as Monster Hunter games are often released to western audiences, after a long process of localisation.

Monster Hunter gameplay

The Switch is a perfect console for the latest game. With its on the go local coop and actual analogue sticks, Monster Hunter XX looks set to wow audiences at home and out there.

The Monster Hunter Championship Event is set to take place this Saturday in Sapporo, where it’s likely we’ll be hearing more information.

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