3DS Ban Targets Hacked Systems

Following the release of the latest 3DS hacking software, Sighax, Nintendo has placed stringent bans on thousands of affected consoles. Users of such 3DS consoles can no longer access network services, instead receiving stern Error Code 002-0102.

3DS hack error code

Sighax has been shared and downloaded by thousands of consoles, allowing users to bypass the innate 3DS software and instead load the faux home screen straight out of the custom firmware. Whether Sighax was the final straw, or simply the last hack to emerge before Nintendo started their crackdown is unknown, but it’s a mighty install that could only go ignored for so long.

Most of the reports come from users who have modded their consoles. However, a few native firmware users are still suffering under the Error Code 002-0102. It seems these 3DS users have been caught out by a glitched system, or there are other factors that can lead to a ban.

Error Code 002-0102 has been explained on the Nintendo Support Site:

Nintendo error code 002-0102

Those affected by the hacking ban can still access most of the 3DS features, but cannot use any that require an internet connection. Tellingly, however, the eShop is still available for use.

Have you been affected by any of these 3DS bans? Let us know in the comments.

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