E3 2017: What To Expect From PlayStation

A gold PS4? More information on Sony’s current PS4 game lineup? PSVR Developments? We’ve got everything you need to be looking out for at PlayStation’s E3 2017.

Sony’s pretty safe this year. With a good run-up to E3 in previous months’ releases and a strong slew of new hardware ready to receive announcement goodness, the gaming giant will see an exciting June weekend discussing some of its major new releases. We’ve still got some pressure from Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio to keep the company on its toes though, so don’t expect Sony to stay relaxed.

PS4 Games On Show At E3 2017

It’s highly likely that this year will be the year we finally find out more about all those announcements we’ve been tempted with.

God Of War

E3 2016 saw the debut of the latest instalment in the God of War franchise. A wizened Kratos was teaching his protegee son how to hunt, casually fending off the Gods’ minions as he went.

God of War PS4 E3

While the game is not expected to release until 2018, God of War is one of PlayStation’s signature franchise so they are almost definitely going to call on it for their E3 showcase.

The Last Of Us: Part 2

Very little is known about The Last Of Us’s surprise sequel, however we have been assured repeatedly by Naughty Dog that the story extension is warranted. Fans of the original game will undoubtedly be looking to PlayStation for some more information on the new sequel, perhaps some gameplay or even just storyline information with a neat little trailer.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Continuing the theme of times Naughty Dog wrongly thought they were finished with a project, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has apparently grown so large now that it functions more as a full (albeit shorter) standalone franchise title.

uncharted the lost legacy characters

Originally designed as DLC, the storyline ultimately grew so much that developers were forced to announce the title as a future game in the supposedly ended series. Hopefully The Lost Legacy will see wider recognition at E3 this year.

Detroit: Become Human

We were introduced to Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human last year, and information is still scarce on the robo-decision-based-action-narrative adventure. Coming from the same studio as Heavy Rain you can assume such an undertaking is in good hands, but some more information or gameplay coming out of PlayStatin’s E3 conference will never be a bad thing.

Detroit Become Human

Days Gone

I was incredibly excited about Days Gone when it was announced last year. I was then incredibly confused when Sony seemed to forget about it. We’ll find out whether or not this is simply a title that’s slowly slipping into the oblivion of titles hushed under the rug after an E3 announcement.


Speaking of things PlayStation seems to have forgotten about – Dreams is a thing! In case you weren’t listening for the five minutes Sony have actually spoken about this, Dreams is a creative studio from the creators of Little Big Planet and PlayStation’s Play Create Share feature. It provides players their own studio to create unique 3D worlds and experiences and again, it’s make or break time for this exciting title.

dreams ps4 header

Death Stranding

If we even find out what the hell this game is about i’d be happy, even if that’s in the form of a smoky Kojima ‘it’s about everything and nothing’ mirage. A release date is still a long way off for the moody, psychological-looking disk of confusion but a shiny new trailer ready to blow our minds could be on the horizon.

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC

Did I say horizon? That must mean it’s time to lust after Horizon Zero Dawn for a while. We’ve had little to no confirmation of future DLC for the amazing open world experience Guerilla fed us earlier in the year, and yet i’m still hungry for more. If there is any DLC on the way, it’ll be at PlayStation’s E3 conference.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

final fantasy vii gameplay

Not everyone’s convinced it will happen, but if it does this episodic switch up of the classic Final Fantasy 7 will shake the conference floor. Announced at E3 2015, the first episode release may still be a way off, but some confirmation of its existence would be nice for now.

Gran Turismo Sport

After beta cancellations and a slew of delayed release dates, Gran Turismo Sport should really show face at PlayStation’s E3. Since its announcement at Paris Games Week 2015, it’s come to light that in favour of an online competitive focus, GT Sport will forego an offline career mode and other savoured features. This year, then, Sony needs to sweeten the deal slightly and hopefully give us something to look forward to at E3.

It’s too confusing to ask for a release date at this point.

Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 at PlayStation E3 would be a turn out for the books. That being said, the fanbase and following the independent project has amassed bodes well for the game to come to fruition, at some point. With budgetary doubts and rumours, as well as the fact that development is still taking crowd funding, E3 2017 may be the year we find out if this beloved project is a money pit or if Sony is planning on putting some wind under its sails.


What a reveal that was! The surprise 2016 announcement of Sony’s crack at a new Spider-Man game was quickly followed up with an announcement this year that a release is imminent.

spider-man ps4 game screenshot

Further gameplay following the radio silence on what the game actually consists of is almost guaranteed this E3. That all important release date is also a strong possibility for this quick turnaround.

Knack 2

I’m hoping for some more information, even if nobody else is.

PlayStation VR at E3

While game releases have slowed since last October’s amazing launch, it might be time for Sony to reinvigorate its PSVR lineup. With the release of the PSVR Aim Controller last month, it’s highly likely we’ll see a number of games compatible with PlayStation’s new toy. Perhaps a good handful of independent PSVR titles will get a look in, and hopefully some new DLC VR modes for existing franchises.

psvr headset

Sony have been dodging questions about PSVR’s inclusion in their monthly PS Plus subscription service for the past few months, so keep your eyes open for any information on free monthly PSVR titles.

Third Parties

Activision and Ubisoft might just be the ones to watch at PlayStation’s E3 conference this year. While not traditionally aligned with Sony, the development giants have been known to team up for extra display during PlayStation’s limelight. A better look at Call of Duty: WW2 and a proper introduction to Destiny 2 wouldn’t go amiss, and we might even hold out for some more Assassin’s Creed information following the Egyptian-style rumours.

The Gold PS4

Reddit Gold PS4

A Reddit leak recently suggested that Sony is looking to release a gold version of its PS4 just before E3 2017 kicks off. The informant claimed to be a Target employee and proudly displayed a box emblazoned with the glittering console. If it’s real, Sony may well throw in a nod to their latest paint job, but its rumoured June 9th release date seems odd here.

PlayStation Experience E3 2017

Sony have also announced that their PlayStation Experience will be returning to E3 this year. The initiative opens cinema doors across the US to allow fans to view PlayStation’s E3 conference on the big screen for free. Participating cinemas will also be handing out merchandise on the night and all ticket holders receive an intriguing digital goody bag.

PlayStation’s E3 2017 will be a big event for a number of loved franchises, and Sony’s massive 43,500 square foot floor space allocation suggests a big PSVR tone. With a diverse range of exciting games in the lineup and some dedication to the PSVR system, E3 looks set to inspire.




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  1. Sony has quite a bit to talk about. For Death Stranding, I’d love if they didn’t say anything and released a playable trailer demo much like they did for P.T. and just people figure it out for themselves.

          1. Ah right, of course. I meant to imply it would only happen if he approved of it. Part of his master plan 🙂

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