A Way Out – New Title From ‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’ Developers Hazelight

One of the most exciting titles to come out of EA Play 2017 so far has to be A Way Out. Hazelight Studios showcased the game during their allotted EA Originals stage time at EA Play today.

EA Play

Developer Fares wanted to “push the boundaries on how to tell stories without compromising gameplay” in his last release Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Thankfully, he’s taken this winning combination forward in the creation of his new studio Hazelight. The resulting title will see players take on a co-op story adventure through a prison escape.

Protagonists Leo and Vincent are looking to break out of prison, and thankfully they’ve got you and your buddy to guide them through. With some strong co-op mechanics and smooth action between the both of you (one can play while the other is in a cut scene for example), A Way Out looks to bring a new mode of co op gameplay to storytelling in early 2018.

The storyline looks as dramatic and heart wrenching as we were subjected to in Brothers – we got a sneak peak of one of the convict’s wife and new born baby through an emotional lense in the trailer at EA Play. Thankfully the art style and sense of humour prevails alongside what looks like shooting, driving, stealth and narrative game mechanics.

A Way Out gameplay

What really excited me about this reveal, however, was the way A Way Out deals with character and character contexts. Between the two of you, you will have to decide who does what, working with character politics both in and out of prison walls. If one character has a particular relationship to an NPC, for example, they would be better off asking them for a favour etc. The game will not only force you to identify with your chosen playable character, but looks to take both players through the incredible experience of breaking out of prison and living on the run together.

A Way Out was announced today at EA Play and has been given a cursory release date of Early 2018.

Stay tuned for more EA Play and E3 coverage over the next few days, including a round up of EA Play’s activities within the next hour.


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