Everything That Happened At EA Play 2017

While we didn’t see any of Respawn’s Star Wars developments, or those of Visceral and Amy Hennig, we certainly got an eyeful of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Before all that though, Madden, FIFA 18, Need for Speed Payback, Anthem, Battlefield 1, and A Way Out also took to the stage.

EA Play’s showcase kicked off this evening with a Madden trailer disclosing a story mode for the latest installment in the series. From there, some bizarre drum beats, shaky live performances from YouTubers, and a hell of a lot of Twitch / eSports compilations stood in the way of some serious announcements and releases. We stuck with it though, and it was worth it in the end.

Need For Speed: Payback

Need For Speed: Payback takes everything back to its basics and spruces it all up to present an awesome looking Burnout-esque blockbuster game. With brand new customisation options and some explosive missions against an evil cartel, this universe of street races and vehicle destruction just got a little prettier. We’ve got an incredibly diverse open world, a vast range of cars to smash up, and a free roam mode that lets you explore each gorgeous surrounding you’ve been racing through. Sure, faces and characters don’t look as good as we’re used to on this generation by now – but you’re not playing for the faces.

Need For Speed Payback

3 characters each with their own quests come together to make slow motion crashes look insanely cool.


That mysterious new IP from BioWare you were waiting for? That’s Anthem. It seems BioWare haven’t exactly let go of the old Mass Effect aesthetic, as this new title looks exceptionally similar. We already know that the game will focus around a live, ongoing service, placing it within the realm of the Destiny‘s and The Division‘s of our current gaming climate. While we were only privy to a teaser trailer tonight, a full trailer is expected from Microsoft’s E3 event tomorrow.

Bioware new IP Anthem

With an expected release date of 2019, this is one to wait out.


After the seemingly obligatory hurrah around Alex Hunter’s fictional exploits, confused viewers were actually shown the damn game. The story mode sequel sounded pretty decent, though did nothing to jump out at players looking for anything special. In EA’s push for an eSports footing, they told us a lot about the new FIFA event that would stand as the largest FIFA championship ever. After some cringey footage of players wanting to make it big, we were allowed to move on.


Battlefield 1

EA were quick to wow us with new Battlefield 1 game modes and maps. Amongst night maps, new vehicles, new weapons and a women’s battalion, Battlefield is taking gameplay to the Russian battles of the Eastern front in an all new game pack In The Name of The Tsar. 

Battlefield 1 new DLC

With no confirmed release date, it’s all still in the air at the moment, however what we were shown looked promising. With an apparently richer gameplay experience, and new player progression abilities to tailor your play style with specific specialisations, mechanics have become more diverse and specialised in this Battlefield 1 new DLC.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

We were treated to a whole 30 minutes of multiplayer gameplay for Star Wars Battlefront 2 at EA Play. With more content, new play techniques, and a reboot of weapon design and gunplay mechanics, EA were quick to point out that they had listened to their fans disappointment with the initial title. There was a lot to take in during this playthrough, but we managed to pick out a few important details.

Star Wars Battlefront 2.png

  • The skill gap has been dynamically remodeled to become more responsive
  • Weaponry is more realistic
  • Battle Points is a new mechanic to rank up at the end of every exploit
  • Heavy customisation of character abilities and weapons
  • Free DLC, free content throughout release, preorder bonuses up for grabs

Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18

With an emotional, relatable storyline, Madden NFL 18 looks set to bring character-driven storytelling to sports games. We really weren’t given enough time to think about Madden at the EA Play conference, but it’s definitely one to watch in upcoming months.

A Way Out

We wrote a very excited piece detailing Hazelight Studio’s new IP A Way OutThe Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons developers have been hard at work developing a brand new title to further their experimentation in social gameplay experience. Playing as Vincent and Leo, this co op story game can only be played with a buddy as the two of you work to break free of prison and traverse the outside world.

A Way Out - Hazelight Studios

Stay tuned for more E3 2017 highlights, trailer round ups, and discussion pieces all weekend.


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