Everything That Happened At PlayStation E3 2017

Sony kept things short and sweet this year, clocking in at just over an hour when rivals Microsoft had been clucking on for around 1 hour 40. Nevertheless, we got updates on some fantastic new games and an insight into what’s next for the gaming giant.

Sony E3 Press Conference

Things were left to the screen this year. Whether you found that coldness off putting or just wanted to skip the jargon and get to the goods, it’s safe to say PlayStation went about their E3 2017 press conference slightly differently. Essentially, Sony pulled back this year, with a few minutes of speech from Shawn Layden before the remaining 50 minutes was devoted to trailers. Just one note.

For some reason, unbeknownst to us at this point…

The Last of Us 2 was not even mentioned. Development issues? Missed deadlines for the conference? Simply want to keep us guessing? Too early to release anything new? Just letting you know the questions that will keep me up tonight before we proceed.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

A brand new extended look at the DLC-turned-extension of the Uncharted Universe sans Drake himself, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy opened to the show in true Sony fashion, which bizarrely is a live band. There were some streaming audio issues here, so I couldn’t tell you what the characters were saying to one another but trust me, it looked pretty serious.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

She’s back.

Facing what look like new machines will all new missions and storylines, this DLC looks set to land in 2017. I’m beyond excited for more HZD content – i’ve been eeking out my game for so long in the run up to E3 so I was never left without something Zero Dawn related to think about.

Days Gone

Jury’s out but I was kind of disappointed with this offering of Days Gone content. It felt to me that we were being shown a lot of the same gameplay mechanics, storyline contexts, and animations over and over again. It lasted a long time, but did it really give us much?

Days Gone PS4

We saw some stealth mechanics featured as well as some badass zombie Sons of Anarchy bike riding escapades but beyond that I still couldn’t really define this game from its trailer.

Monster Hunter World

While the graphics didn’t exactly wow me, the gameplay of Monster Hunter World looks insanely fun. Think dino slashing with your huge sword alongside environmental strategic combat all in a loving package from Capcom. Available early 2018, this might be the first Monster Hunter game I pick up.

Shadow of the Colossus

No need to adjust your watch, it’s 2017 and Shadow of the Colossus just got one of the biggest applauses from the E3 audience of the night. We got some gorgeous footage from a new remake set for release in 2018 (but we’ll see about that).

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Rocket Marvel vs Capcom

The latest Marvel Vs Capcom trailer featured little Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy quite a bit. The latest in the roster apparently made a big impression on developers, as they also decided to release a story demo at the conference. Go… go play.

Call of Duty World War 2

Call of Duty WW2.png

Aaaand it just wouldn’t be E3 without PlayStation flashing their deal with Activision around the stage. I have to say, as a long time cynic of CoD, this World War 2 trailer did intrigue me. From the weapon variation to the diverse range of setting employed by developers, it’s obvious we’re done with the browns of CoD past.

It’s just the greys of CoD present we have to contend with now.

God Of War

Yes, of course Kratos would make an appearance tonight. As soon as that lovably terrifying dude showed his distinct markings, the crowd ceremonially whooped in admiration. We received a good deal more story information through some cleverly released dialogue – lines like “you said I was cursed, you think i’m weak because i’m not like you” got the old rumour mill going. From its absolutely gorgeous facial animations to its blindingly clear visual fidelity, God of War impressed all round. Developers certainly made the right decision to go in close with combat, the game looks bizarrely nostalgic while distinctly new in that respect. With a projected release date of early 2018 this might not make it onto the Christmas list but it might be worth backdating a gift.

Detroit: Become Human

Markus was revealed to us in the trailer for Detroit: Become Human which elaborated on the AI / human binary of the initial teaser. CyberLife seems to be at the heart of the robot slave trade, but not for long before the AI rise up and take control.

Decision branches were heavily emphasised here, suggesting it’s more of a choice based, narrative affair than explosive action hack and slash and it seems that the player is due to err on the side of the AI which will be an interesting concept at launch.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 was primed for release alongside exclusive PS4 content including gear, a ship, an exotic weapon, and PVP map.


We also received an extended look at the new Spider Man iteration to close the show. The gameplay demo displayed Parker’s stealth mechanics as well as the impressive variation of web mechanics at your disposal in ths game. Wrap enemies in tight little cocoons of eternal sleep, trip them mercilessly, or pin them to the ground, web combat and manouvering looked tight and well polished throughout the demo.


Though quite a lot of timed response actions were involved, there was some starkly authentic (to the comic books) dialogue rolling out back and forth. Another title i’m looking forward to snatching up in 2018.


The PSVR range on offer was incredibly mixed. I can’t help but feel PlayStation needed a little more to contend with the incredible diversity available in PC markets, but there were definitely some stand out experiences.

Skyrim VR

While not as visually stunning as we’re used to, (which is expected and fair), Skyrim VR does look interesting. Exploring that entire open world in the levels of immersion offered by VR technology will certainly change some minds about the potential of this venture.

Star Child

Neon lights and dark backgrounds await in this platformer. I have to admit, this confused me slightly. If it weren’t for the PSVR label emblazoned at the bottom of the screen I would have said this was a side scrolling 2D platformer. In a trailer where little VR technology was utilised or shown, it’s difficult to see how Star Child will make the most of the potentials offered it by PSVR itself.

The Inpatient

So what I just said about Star Child? The complete opposite is the case for The Inpatient. This psychological thriller seemingly set in the mind of an inpatient at a pyschiatric hospital looked like it could deal with subjective reality to really bend your brain.

Final Fantasy: Monster Of The Deep

This announcement was just so bizarre and on the nose it has to be one of my favourites. Sony heard fans crying out for some Final Fantasy this year and gave them… a fishing simulator.

Whether it’s the ultimate troll or actually a very relaxing niche spin off will remain to be seen with the game’s release. However, the trailer set sights high with its combination of tense nibbles and heavy metal music.

Bravo Team

This shooter VR title has to come with Aim controller compatibility. Looks good, pretty standard.


An adorable little mouse plunders through dungeon puzzle adventures and jungle platforming challenges in this adorable little title. Seriously cute.

So there was actually a lot missing from this year’s PlayStation E3 press conference. We didn’t get any new non-VR IPs to speak of, and some trailers were a bit content-shy. With no Last of Us 2, Sony might understand why some of their fans are a little miffed. I’m happy with tonight’s show, more focus on the games and less marketing drivel from a suit always serves me well. Plus what I was shown tonight actually changed my opinion for the better concerning a few games (Monster Hunter, Spider-Man, and Call of Duty World War 2).

What did you think? Anything you were desperately waiting to see until the house lights finally came up? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Wasn’t too impressed by Sony this year. Am looking forward to Uncharted: Lost Legacy and the complete remake of SoTC though. That game is easily worth buying for a third time.

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