Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Offers New Weapons And Difficulty Levels

While we were all focusing on our calendars awaiting Horizon Zero Dawn‘s upcoming DLC The Frozen Wilds, the folks over at Guerrilla have been sneakily working on a patch update to see us all through until payday.

Horizon Zero Dawn facepaint

Patch 1.30 will introduce players to an all new Ultra Hard difficulty mode to be preselected before gameplay. The new mode will push you to your arrow crafting, boom wire spinning, stealth hacking limits with updated machine sensitivity and aggression. Make sure you’ve mentally prepared before you rappel into the world of Ultra Hard, though, because Guerrilla has also announced that you will not be able to duck out of this souped up mode once you begin a New Game +.

Horizon Zero Dawn stormbringer screenshot

What’s a New Game + I hear you wondering, it’s only another cool feature Guerilla have left under the pre-DLC tree for us. If you’re like me, you hate that perpetual final mission hanging over your head when you’ve put the grind in to complete the game and just want to tie up your loose ends. Thankfully, Guerrilla has introduced the New Game + mode which will allow you to relive the entire game again and pick up anything you may have missed along the way (I’m looking at you mysterious power cells) using your current standing and inventory. You can preselect the difficulty you would like to select, though remember to heed our warning before you peacock into Ultra Hard. If you choose to keep your blood pressure low, you can set a lower difficulty for your New Game + experience and continue to adjust this difficulty to your stress-free heart’s content.

new focus customisation in Horizon Zero Dawn

The New Game + feature also comes packed with two new trophies and some unlockable customisation facepaint and focus tools.

Guerrilla is clearly not letting go of their mega-fandom anytime soon. As well as all these player-retaining gizmos, they have also upgraded the weaponry available. New weapons will become available from merchants, each with an extra modification slot, though it’ll cost you a pretty shard to get your hands on one. That shouldn’t be a problem if you maxed out all your current weapons a while ago and have been hoarding shards like a kleptomaniac magpie ever since. Outfits have also been upgraded to include extra modification slots to ensure Aloy is repping hard enough to pull off these super-charged weapons.

Horizon Zero Dawn weapon upgrade

What do you think of this new patch? Are you still hooked on Horizon or did you give it a miss? Let me know in that weird white box with words in it down below, I hear we can communicate through it.


2 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Offers New Weapons And Difficulty Levels

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  1. I think it’s awesome the developers are supporting their game like this! I have already Platinumed HZD but now I want to go scoop up those 2 new trophies. It’s a great excuse to spend more time with Aloy 😀

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