How To Attach a Nintendo Switch To TV Without a Dock

Whether you’re sick of your Nintendo Switch screen being scratched by the dock, or you’re simply seeking alternative solutions, there’s good news afoot! It is possible to attach your Nintendo Switch console to your TV without the use of the official dock. Here’s how.

Nintendo Switch console

What You’ll Need

  • USB C Cable
  • Small slightly heavy item (of your choosing)
  • A stand (as DIY as possible)

It’s actually incredibly easy to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV without a dock. All you need to do is take a USB C extension cable and plug the Switch into the dock from any distance your cable permits. Take your small, slightly heavy item and place it on the spring-loaded switch designed to recognise when the Switch is docked. This is, essentially, all you need to do to power up the Switch and broadcast your play to your TV screen. However, there are a few more hurdles – as there always are.

The placement of the USB C port at the bottom of the handset unfortunately means that the Switch cannot stand up when playing like this. You can’t simply lie it on its back either, as this will block the fans on the system which prevent the unit from overheating.

A simple solution is to wedge your system upright using something that won’t take its toll on the beautiful paint work or touch screen. A cheap wire bookstand works perfectly for this, with plenty of space for all your cables to lounge.

white background, wire book stand from Amazon
David Mason Design Book Stand – Amazon

Just make sure that your HDMI and power cables are still plugged into the back of the dock and you’ll be all ready to go!

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