PS4: Every 2018 Release We Know About So Far (And Why You Should Care)

With so much riding on Xbox’s release schedule, PlayStation needs to maintain its release strength moving into 2018. From new IP to crowd-funded classics, PS4 looks set to keep its stride throughout the year despite a lot of shared releases.

PS4 consoles

Lost Sphear – January 23

Lost Sphear PS4 Header

Developer: Square Enix

Genre: JRPG

Play It For: A fresh revival of the JRPG genre

Moss (PSVR) – February

Moss in-game gameplay VR

Developer: Polyarc

Genre: VR Action Adventure

Play It For:  A few hours spent surrounded by a storybook fairytale world

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – February 13

Kingdom come deliverance in-game gameplay combat

Developer: Warhorse Studios

Genre: Action RPG

Play It For:  Historically accurate Skyrim

Metal Gear Survive – February 20

stealth gameplay in Metal Gear Survive

Developer: Konami

Genre: Survival Action Adventure

Play It For:  What even does a Metal Gear game look like without Kojima anyway?

Monster Hunter World – January 26

Monster Hunter World header

Developer: Capcom

Genre: Action RPG

Play It For:  Hunting in a dynamic, living ecosystem

Dragon Ball FighterZ – January 26

Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer - Goku

Developer: Arc System Works

Genre: Fighting

Play It For:  OTT anime glory

Shadow of the Colossus – February 6

Shadow of the Colossus final boss battle PS4

Developer: Bluepoint Games

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For:  The boss battles that made boss battles

Detroit: Become Human – Early 2018

detroit become human ps4 game

Developer: Quantic Dream

Genre: Neo-Noir Thriller

Play It For:  Finding out what neo-noir thriller means for a video game and a hint of uncanny valley

Fe – Early 2018

Fe PS4

Developer: Zoink

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For:  Connect with nature… from behind a screen

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – March 23

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom header

Developer: Level 5

Genre: RPG

Play It For: Curating your own perfect kingdom

Agony – March 30

Agony horror gameplay PS4

Developer: Madmind Studio

Genre: Survival Horror

Play It For:  This time you’re the one doing the possessing

Swords of Ditto – March

Swords of ditto map

Developer: onebitbeyond

Genre: Action Adventure RPG

Play It For:  Total freedom in quest completion

God of War – March 22

(Release date not confirmed – leaked PS Store information)

God of War 2018 release date

Developer: SIE Santa Monica

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For:  … it’s God of War

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life – March 20

Kazuma Kiryu yakuza 6

Developer: Sega

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For:  Kazuma Kiryu’s final adventure

Far Cry 5 – March 27

far cry 5 key art

Developer: Ubisoft

Genre: First Person Shooter

Play It For:  Chaotic cultist warfare set in Montana

A Way Out – March 23

A way out ps4

Developer: Hazelight Studios

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For:  The revival of co-op

Vampyr – Q1 / Q2

Vampyr PS4 key art

Developer: Dontnod Entertainment

Genre: Action RPG

Play It For:  Seeing Victorian London through the eyes of a vampire

We Happy Few – April 13

we happy few gameplay

Developer: Compulsion Games

Genre: Survival

Play It For:  Maybe if you finish it the nightmares will stop…

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Q2

RDR 2 Key art

Developer: Rockstar

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For:  All new RDR plus multiplayer!

Jurassic World: Evolution – June 2018

jurassic world evolution in-game footage

Developer: Frontier Developments

Genre: Business Simulation

Play It For:  Zoo Tycoon, but better, and with dinosaurs

Skull & Bones – Fall 2018

Ubisoft Skull & Bones gameplay

Developer: Ubisoft / Blue Byte

Genre: Action

Play It For:  Swash-buckling sea-faring chaos

Metro Exodus – Fall 2018

metro exodus key art ps4

Developer: 4A Games

Genre: First Person Shooter

Play It For: Nail biting tension and stomach churning dread plus a whole lot of cliche

Anthem – Q4

Anthem suits gameplay

Developer: BioWare

Genre: Actiom RPG

Play It For:  Finding out what was so much more important than Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mega Man 11 – Q4

mega man 11 key art

Developer: Capcom

Genre: Platformer

Play It For:  Another chance to laugh at Mighty No. 9

Shenmue III – Late 2018

Shenmue 3 gameplay

Developer: Ys Net, Neilo

Genre: Action Adventure RPG

Play It For:  The knowledge that you wouldn’t be playing it without crowd funding


Starlink: Battle For Atlas – 2018

Starlink: Battle For Atlas key art

Developer: Ubisoft

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For:  Creating your perfect starship in interstellar space

Surviving Mars – 2018

surviving mars

Developer: Haemimont Games

Genre: Strategy Simulation

Play It For:  SimCity, but better, and on Mars

System Shock – 2018

System Shock 2018 remake gameplay

Developer: Night Dive Studios

Genre: First Person Shooter

Play It For:  Riding that remake wave

Psychonauts 2 – 2018

psychonauts sequel release

Developer: Double Fine Productions

Genre: Platformer

Play It For:  Well it’s been so long coming you can’t not

Indivisible – 2018

indivisible key art

Developer: Lab Zero Games

Genre: Action RPG

Play It For:  Indie game design goodness

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – 2018

ace combat 7 gameplay

Developer: Shinya Hirota

Genre: Arcade Flight

Play It For:  A classic reborn

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – 2018

final fantasy 7 remake gameplay

Developer: Square Enix

Genre: Action JRPG

Play It For: One of the greatest JRPGs of all time


Code Vein – 2018

Code Vein anime

Developer: Bandai Namco

Genre: Action RPG

Play It For: Awesome supernatural abilities

Darksiders 3 – 2018

Fury - Darksiders 3

Developer: Gunfire Games

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For: Pure Fury

Dragon Quest XI – 2018

Dragon Quest XI gameplay

Developer: Square Enix

Genre: Adventure JRPG

Play It For:  The first Dragon Quest title to be built ground up for this generation!

Kingdom Hearts III – 2018

Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay

Developer: Square Enix

Genre: Action RPG

Play It For: The final Dark Seeker instalment

Spider-Man – 2018

Spider-Man PS4

Developer: Insomniac Games

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For: 8 year old you

Tropico 6 – 2018

Tropico 6 Alpha

Developer: Limbic Entertainment

Genre: Construction / Management Sim

Play It For: El Presidente

The Walking Dead: Final Season – 2018 (Platform Not Confirmed)

The Walking Dead The Final Season Telltale

Developer: Telltale Games

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For: Completionist Compulsion

The Wolf Among Us Season 2 – 2018

The Wolf Among Us Season 2 announcement

Developer: Telltale Games

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For: When you never thought this day would come

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night – 2018

bloodstained key art

Developer: Inti Creates, ArtPlay, DICO

Genre: Action Adventure

Play It For: Castlevania memories

Days Gone – 2018

Days Gone gameplay

Developer: SIE Bend

Genre: Action Adventure Survival Horror

Play It For: More Zombies

Dreams – 2018

Dreams PS4 key

Developer: Media Molecule

Genre: Sandbox

Play It For: User-generated chaos

Expect more information on titles such as The Last Of Us Part 2, Death Stranding, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Metroid Prime 4, Cyberpunk 2077, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, and Tomb Raider

What are you looking forward to seeing land on PS4 in 2018?


6 thoughts on “PS4: Every 2018 Release We Know About So Far (And Why You Should Care)

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        1. As someone who has never been into the Monster Hunter series, I was pretty impressed with World! They made combat feel much more fluid, and things were just a whole lot easier to manage. I’m pretty excited for it, along with all the other dynamite RPGs coming out this year. Indivisible I’ve been waiting for for a couple years now, along with Bloodstained. So much amazing…

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