10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Monster Hunter World

So you’ve gone and bought Monster Hunter: World. It’s pretty complicated, isn’t it? That’s why I’m here. Because it’s such a great game that it would be a shame to be put off by the bright lights of the forest and the length of the skill trees. So, here’s 10 things you need to know before you embark on your adventure in the Monster Hunter World. 

Monster Hunter World gameplay

1. Body Language

Each of these creatures has been delicately designed, but that doesn’t mean each one you encounter is unique. Learn to avoid the killer blows and decipher each animal’s movement habits. You’ll quickly pick up the skills you need to know when to strike fast and when to strike hard, which can mean the difference between Hunter party hero and weakest link in the chain.

2. Shit Takes Time

The Monster Hunter series has never been known for its friendly barriers to entry. Any budding 3DS owner in 2013 could have told you that, but with a bigger and better world comes longer gameplay mastering times. That’s not a worry though because the longer it takes to master your Monster Hunter: World gameplay, the more creativity you have in your approach, it’s personal people!

3. Get The Chloroform Out: Capturing Your First Monster

capturing a monster in Monster Hunter World

Not literally chloroform, it’s just too difficult to make these giants go sleepy time with a small cloth and a gloved hand. Nay, instead stun your prey with a shock trap and then hurl your tranquilisers at it. That’s no good if you’ve got a fresh, healthy beast at the other end of your lance, however. Re-read the section on body language and learn when your chosen creature is weakened to best perform this move.

4. Always Be Prepared

You’ll learn this one early, but in case you’re reading this before diving in, let’s get it out the way first. Never launch yourself into a quest without upgrading your equipment and making sure you have your necessities to hand. These things can get real ugly real fast, so don’t leave yourself empty-handed just before a mighty blow.

5. Inventory Management

You have a surprisingly shallow pocket in Monster Hunter: World. With little inventory space at your disposal, it’s important to prioritise based on your immediate quests and movements. That being said, when you first get into your experience, grab everything you can and filter out what you don’t need when you start getting to the beefy quests. There are tips to follow, though.

choosing an item to pick up in Monster Hunter World - in game screenshot

Pick Your Ammo

Your ranged slingshot is a handy toy to carry, however, you can only stick one form of ammo in your pocket at a time. Choose one and stick to it to avoid constantly swapping out that inventory slot every time you spy a shiny new rock.

Not Everything Goes In Your Pocket

Immediate use items like health powerups and stamina enhancements are used on the spot, and animal carcass items (which we’ll get to in a sec) are stored in some magical cloud-based inventory.

6. Dig Out Your Orienteering Badge

map screenshot in Monster Hunter World

Maps are big these days. Monster Hunter: World maps are bigger and deeper. Every map contains new monsters, weapons, environmental dangers, and glowing treasures, so be sure to scope out your location when you land. Learning your surroundings will provide the contextual knowledge you need to get you out of a scrape or get you on the perfect crafting path. Expeditions are a great way to get the lay of the land early on.

7. Shop Smart

Big label items can often cost a pretty penny in Monster Hunter: World. Before dedicating yourself to big money items, check your inventory for possible crafting potential. Often small, more easily accessible items can be combined to make a weapon or piece of kit of great worth, so don’t part with your cash straight away.

8. Hit Up That Workshop

Monster Hunter World crafting menu in-game screenshot

Speaking of crafting… The workshop is where you will be able to review the monster remains you have collected on your journey and craft armour or weapons from their grisly remnants. You’ll want to be upgrading consistently throughout the game to stand any chance of making it past that 20-hour marker. Get to know your skill trees, and don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer depth of these things, just pick your best numbers to stay on top of your game.

9. Your Best Tool? A Magnifying Glass

I mean, Monster Hunter: World doesn’t really use a magnifying glass, but the concept is there: track your prey. It’s hunting 101 people. Monsters can’t just lope freely around the forest without leaving a trace of their path, learn to spot which tracks lead to which creatures and how far away they are at each given point of your hunt, and you’ll quickly be the master of picking your battles. There’s nothing worse than having your nose to the ground for half an hour only to look up at a beast way above your pay grade at the last second. Once you’ve selected a monster you want to track, use your good old pals the Scout Flies to lead the way.

scout flies gameplay in Monster Hunter World

10. Go To Your Room

(You can still have dinner, I promise)

Your Hunter Room is essentially a collection of everything you’ve learned and earned during your time in the Monster Hunter: World unverse. Use it to train with new weapons, or revel in a cheeky makeover.

Now go forth and bring back the best damn monster in the game, beautifully captured in a cherry-picked hunt fought with the best weapons and stats the world has seen.


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  1. I’m picking this up today due to some friends also getting it. I found Monster Hunter on 3DS near impenetrable but I’ve heard this is more newbie friendly. I’ll keep your tips in mind though so I don’t end up having to scrape my hunter off some monster-saurus’ left foot.

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