EA Opens Up On Free Titanfall 2 DLC

Following a call to investors after releasing an earning’s report, EA has been asked to provide some feedback on some of its strange Titanfall 2 activity. We were told early on in the development process that the heavily anticipated sequel to the fast-paced multiplayer shooter would include free season passes to all future DLC and maps. While… Continue Reading →

Titanfall 2 Flops In UK

According to Chart-Track, Titanfall 2 has brought in some underwhelming initial sales in its first week. The sequel hit storefronts October 28th, however has been unable to live up to its predecessor’s chart level since. It’s important to remember that Chart-Track only records the sale of physical copies, leaving downloads in the dark. While it’s possible that… Continue Reading →

EA Access Not Including Titanfall 2… Here’s Why

News broke today via GameReactor, that Titanfall 2 will not fall under the EA Access bracket. The subscription service for EA customers usually provides early gameplay opportunities, discounts, and trials on its new EA releases, however Titanfall 2 players apparently won’t be so lucky. Developers Respawn Entertainment offered no explanation for the move, but it’s easy to see where… Continue Reading →

Titanfall 2 Trailer Hits – Promises Swords

The first Titanfall 2 trailer was released this morning, and less than a second of footage is sending fans of the original into a frenzy. Though the original game received generally positive reviews, there were a startlingly large number of fans who felt let down (again) by EA in this Xbox exclusive. The pay-walls, supposed lack of… Continue Reading →

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